Blooming Thursday: Lemondrops and Sage

Today’s blossoms are lemony yellows and vibrant purples, with just a touch of white.

According to Sensational Color, “Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the color spectrum.”

The color purple uplifts.  “It calms the mind and the nerves and encourages creativity.”

Yellow and purple are complimentary on the color wheel. They always look beautiful together. No wonder these flowers make me happy.

Mexican Sage, a Hummingbird Favorite

Salvia Leucantha ‘Mexican Sage‘ thrives in our planting zone. Its drought-tolerant, requiring virtually no water once established. It’s also a magnet for beneficial bees and hummingbirds and neighborhood kids.  Those beautiful flowers are as soft as they look. This one occupies a small space in our “sidewalk strip” next to the driveway.

Pittosporum Blossoms

Our well-established Pittosporum is probably as old as the house. We’ve lived here for 16 years and it was fully grown when we moved in. It produces beautiful yellow flowers in the spring, and variegated leaves year round. The squirrels use it as a stepping stool to the neighboring pine.

Orange Blossoms

Not only does our orange tree produce a bounty of fruit but it blooms these sweetly fragrant blossoms every spring. Our tree currently houses a squirrel’s nest! It provides great shade in the summer months, but we stay clear of it at dusk when the rats stop by for a treat.

Campanula: 'Serbian Bellflower'

These Serbian Bellflowers are new to our garden this year. This is the first of the plants to bloom. I’m looking forward to the day when they are all covered with these tiny, star-like flowers.  Aren’t they sweet?

Abutilon: 'Moonchimes' Chinese Lantern

Hummingbirds love these gorgeous yellow flowers. This lovely graces our front side yard near the smaller Magnolia by our deck.

What’s blooming in your garden today?

11 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Lemondrops and Sage

  1. My parents are with me for a week! You know of my mother’s love for gardens and flowers.. I showed her this post and she was so happy to see the pictures and read about the flowers!! She sends her love to you!!! Your post cheered her today!:)


    • Nandini, my love to you and your mother. I’m so honored and delighted that the two of you read and enjoy my garden musings. Please share with your mother that I still have her gift of the beautiful glass bracelets on my shelf, along with the little box from you. I treasure them as reminders of you.


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  4. Thank you for the therapeutic effect I’m experiencing from my vicarious immersion in your lovely garden. I LOVE yellow and purple together! And the fragrance of orange blossoms stirs sentimental feelings of nostalgia. I’m delighted to know that a squirrel is nesting in that same tree, and that your garden is graced with happy hummingbirds! I admit it: I have garden envy! I’m grateful for your generosity in sharing your abundance so graciously and iwith such stunning, vivid detail.


    • I hope you’ll have a chance to visit us here soon so you can have the “real” tour.

      By the way, I also learned this week that cats don’t like oranges. It’s supposed to be a good deterrent for cats who like to take care of business in your vegetable bed. Knowing this makes me feel even better about squirrels nesting in that tree. The cats don’t want to go near it! I think a hummer may be nesting their too. I can’t see the nest, but when I’m in the area, one flies to the center of the tree and flutters over my head. I better just stay clear for a few more weeks.


      • I hope the same! : )

        I did know about cats and oranges — specifically the oil from the orange’s skin has been identified as a deterrent. Interesting, huh? How exciting the activity surrounding your tree! Glad the kitties aren’t looking for action there.


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