Fairy Garden: The Rolling Stone Gathers Moss

Moss Carpet and Inlaid Tile

Success!  With a little help from my spade, I transplanted a patch of moss and some baby tears to the fairy garden floor.  The lush green carpet is soft and inviting.  The main floor features inlaid tile, formerly ceramic treasures from my son’s art class. I added a maroon bedspread, a must on these chilly spring days, and a door mat made from matted grass clippings.

Lamp in the Window

Fairy Blanket for those Chilly Nights

Grassy Door Mat

Aeriel View

House on the Hill sets the Standard
(Hand-made bird house, a gift from friends)

I built a fence between the two large rocks, with nearby steps up the hill. The walkway, paved with broken pieces of tile meanders with an edge of smaller rocks and clay balls. Do you think the fairies will stop by tonight to see the improvements?

Additional Links:

♥Here’s what professional fairy gardens might look like.

♥Every fairy garden needs a fairy flower, right?

♥A wee bit of inspiration from Enchanted Gardens.

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