Breaking Ground in Fairyland

Breaking Ground

I’ve been gathering materials for my fairy garden and today broke ground on the site.  It was amazingly simple: I didn’t need a permit, a contractor, a surveyor or an inspector.  No bank loans, points, appraisals or hassles.  Life is good.

I unearthed a few tiny bulbs and was happy to see a worm or two as I dug right in.  After removing the remaining bulbs and rocks I sifted the soil, saving the rocks for a small border.

Last Christmas we received a flowering bulb planted in a wide-mouthed drinking glass with clay-like pebbles.  Now that the bulb is dormant, I removed it from the glass and  lined the walkway with the miniature clay balls.  We also received a  plant that resembles a miniature pine tree, perfectly proportioned for the tiny garden.

Lindy Approves

"Towering" Pine

When I shared my plans for a fairy garden, my friend Susan said the following:

“This reminds me of ‘spirit houses‘ built for the spirits disrupted when the break ground to build a new (human) house. You’re supposedly supposed to built a small house (a miniature the size of a bird house, maybe) and place it on a pole or post at the front corner of the yard. If you don’t build this spirit house for the little beings you’ve dislodged from their homes in the soil (or in the foliage?) in acknowledgment of them, they can get angry and bring bad luck to your home.”

I love the idea of making amends with the earth, much as Native Americans did whenever they took from the land.

I can’t wait to get back outdoors again tomorrow.  Meanwhile I’m pondering a variety of ideas, including a woven lavender rug and an archway built with pine cones.  More tomorrow.

Porous Clay "Pebbles"

2 thoughts on “Breaking Ground in Fairyland

  1. Ooh, how exciting! Very creative use of materials. I’m looking forward to seeing the development. Glad you’re taking care of the little earth spirits! They’re fortunate indeed to have such a skilled artist crafting this lovely home for them! Enjoy the next phase…

    Lindy is very photogenic! Gorgeous!


    • Thank you CC. Lindy was very respectful watching me create at a distance. What a great way to get lost for awhile, hands in the dirt, digging up rocks, bending twigs. It was therapeutic.

      Thank you for your kind words.


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