My Beautiful Bronze Pathway

Garden Walkway

Salvador and Hugo are working their magic again.  They finished installing the stone and gravel pathway yesterday and it looks great.  It’s functional and beautiful, the marriage of any good design.  I love it!

Sal is repairing damaged irrigation pipe and hauling soil today. Hugo is installing bender board and preparing the ground for sod.  The invasive roots of our neighboring pine need some taming, but the tree’s majestic beauty makes this exercise worthwhile every few years.

Our three cats are inside keeping an eye on things.  They get to explore the changes each afternoon when the noise and activity settle down.  Our neighbor’s cat is fearless, however, so he’s been out there exploring at will.

Rain is in the forecast this Saturday, just in time to give everything a good rinse.  Is there anything more intoxicating than new grass, damp rocks, fallen pine needles and freshly turned clods of earth?

I'll be under the bed if you need me.

Designer: Bergez & Associates, J.P. Bergez featured in Sunset Magazine

Installation: Natural Bridges Landscaping, David Ross

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