Valentine’s Day Musings: Love is in the Air and the Garden

Flower Shop: Seaforth, Canada

If this history of Valentine’s Day is true, it’s a wonder we celebrate it. The day has morphed into flowers and chocolates and little cards tucked into backpacks, without a single beheading in site.

My parents owned a flower shop in Seaforth, Canada before we came along.  February 14th was one of the busier days of the year.  As we got older, my dad would leave a small florist card with the note “Love, Daddy” on our pillow with a little treat for us to find after school.  I felt so grown up!

I have my own love-it-or-leave-it history of this day of hearts starting with grade school.  In third grade it was awesome:  *everyone* received a card and possibly candy in those days.  It was festive and fun.  During middle school I hated it:  too much ambiguity about the whole love thing.  When I was first dating in my twenties, I loved it.  I felt special on Valentine’s Day when my sweetie gave me a card and flowers.  Someone loved me!  Relationships ended and I was back to hating it again.  Who needs a silly day to remind them that they don’t have someone special to make a fuss about, or to be on the receiving end of some really good chocolate.  After many years of happy marriage, I’m moving into neutral territory.  I’m loveable no matter who says so, though I appreciate it when the man I married makes a fuss.  I’m trying hard to lose a few pounds and chocolate is my weakness so my husband made a point of lovingly *not* buying me chocolate this year but a beautiful card instead.  Who knew that love could mean not getting chocolate on Valentine’s day?

Love is in the air but my heart is in the garden…and the flower shop…with my family…the possibilities are endless.

Hearts and Tears (Baby Tears)

Cradled in the Magnolia Tree

Hearts and Pumpkins

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Musings: Love is in the Air and the Garden

  1. I finally took the time to read a blog post (it’s been ages) and I am glad I did. Love the way you write and the photos are always such a great addition. Buddy did the same thing as Michael this year and didn’t get me chocolate (so thoughtful and made me so happy!) Happy ❤ day to you and your men!


  2. Hey, I know that heart! Very artfully arranged, Alsy. And I always enjoy your posts. I think it’s the sincerity and vulnerability in them that I like best. I feel as though I’m safe with you. Very safe. Uh-oh…tears of gratitude welling…


    • Bunny! You touched my heart. Thank you for your kind words.

      That beautiful red heart means so much to me. It lives in a beautiful glass bowl on my desk, but it is oft photographed as you can see here. It’s also featured on my Organized at Heart blog banner. 🙂


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