Garden Log: June 14, 2011

A garden critter chewed into the stem of this pumpkin plant so we assumed the fruit was done for. Today we noticed that it continues to grow!

We administered a bit of first aid in the form of grafting tape wrapped around the stem.
Starter Pumpkin

and a “Jolly Green Hosiery” cover to deter further nibbles.
Jolly Green Hosiery

Elsewhere, the corn is as tall as I am (5’10”) and the neighboring pumpkin leaves are the size of serving trays.
The Promise of Corn

Our sunflowers are getting taller. Today’s heat was a welcome gift.
All in a Row

4 thoughts on “Garden Log: June 14, 2011

  1. Gosh my garden is way behind yours, I think it’s the weather. Still looking everyday to see if the other half of my seeds are going to pop up or not.


    • Clay, I just saw your comment today! Thanks for posting.

      We started our seeds indoors early this year, then transplanted in May. We’ve also had unseasonably cold temperatures (10 degrees below normal). This area of our garden is sheltered on three sides by the house, one large shrub and a fence, all of which help keep it warmer and free from the colder windows.

      Good with yours. And be sure to post pics. too.


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