Thanks to you: Where The Journey Takes Me

Thank you so much to Where The Journey Takes Me, for including me in her list of Very Inspiring Bloggers. I’m touched.

Vivien writes: “I live in a small old mill town nestled into the Pennine hills in Yorkshire with my long-suffering husband of thirty some years. I have two beautiful daughters who have flown the nest (most of the time!). I paint and draw (a little) when time allows, make and bake sometimes but not often enough and garden and grow things as much as possible. I recycle and up-cycle, hate waste and I couldn’t live without my time planner and lists.

Follow my journey with me and do let me know if you stop by I would love to hear from you.”

Please forgive my shameless rule breaking, but since I follow (and am inspired by) so many wonderful blogs, I couldn’t begin to limit my list to ten. I hope my love, respect, admiration and loyal following speaks volumes.  I’m inspired daily by the creativity each of you brings to the blogging community! Thanks once again, Viv.

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The Fluffster Outdoors

“A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine, and the hearth in foul weather.”
-Judith Merkle Riley

Fluffy on the Bridge

Shy and retiring and a little on the wild side, our Fluffy is always at her best in the garden.

At 17 she has lost her desire to climb trees and hunt rats but she still enjoys the sun on her back. She’s a bit of a stealth kitty, quietly hiding under shrubs and between flower beds, especially when rambunctious children are on the scene.

Can you see me now?

Conversely, she can pierce the nighttime solitude with her tortured wail, beseeching you to fill her food dish at 3:00 am or to release her from the cozy-confines of the bathroom where incontinent kitties must now spend the night.

Shhhh...I'm not really here.

"Hiding" in the Almond Tree

"Hiding" in the Almond Tree