Five Minutes in the Garden

Yesterday was busy from stem to stern: carpooling, walking, working and the usual day-to-day activities. It was also unseasonably warm, a day begging to be spent outdoors.

I took the spare minutes that I had and sat on the back steps.

Wishing I had my camera, I spotted five hummingbirds sunning themselves on the bare branches of the fruit cocktail tree. Delightful. Then a pair of mourning doves swooped down, foraging in the earth under the tree.

Now I *had* to grab my camera.

Once back outside, the birds had moved on but a squirrel took their place.

squirrel under fruit tree

Easy-going squirrel

Lindy followed me outside and settled into a sun-warmed layer of leaves beneath the Acer. Mouse followed and had a long drink from the garden fountain.

lindy at rest

Lindy enjoying the warmth under the Acer tree

I prowled the garden, making mental notes:

  • Remember to grab some twine and attach the Abutilon to the fence
  • Call the arborist and get a quote for pruning the fruit tree
  • Check the weather forecast for rain as things are looking dry
  • Staple the wooden slat back to the fence
  • Bring in one of the oranges as an offering to the indoor rat, missing in action
orange side one

Orange: side one

orange side two

Orange: side two

Five minutes probably turned into ten. The garden absorbs me and I lose all sense of time. The camera grew heavier in my hands. Reluctantly, I headed back inside.

What would you do with an extra five minutes today?