Garden Social: If Only Squirrels Had Facebook

My favorite part of the holiday season is all the visiting. Friends stop by or invite you out for lunch or drinks. Calendars fill with parties and Facebook is abuzz with everyone’s photos.  It’s that wonderful social connection that makes us human.

Today, the sun came out and I noticed the socializing spilled over into the garden. I couldn’t make out all the conversations but the body language was pretty clear. We humans aren’t the only ones socializing. Wouldn’t it be great to have one of those Universal Translators from Star Trek so you could understand what the birds and four-legged critters had to say?

Three different squirrels raced around the pine tree, then disappeared into the neighbor’s yard for another peanut. It was hard to keep up.  At times they appeared to be chasing each other, but it wasn’t always clear.  There was very little squirrel chatter and trust me, when they have something to say, it spills forth loud and clear.  It was near impossible to capture the activity, and I’m wondering now why I didn’t take a video clip. I ended up with lots of shots of empty tree trunks.

Squirrel hide and seek

Squirrel hide…

Squirrel hide and seek

…and seek

Hummingbirds don’t seem to mind the rain, so we’ve seen them visiting the feeders all week.  It was more pleasant taking pictures, however, on a clear day.  A pair of hummers seemed to dance midair, less a courtship than a race to the feeder.

Hummers dancing

Hummers dancing

Our neighbor Roger stopped by with his adorable pooch, Freckles. Will you look at that face? Freckles had a few choice “words” for Mouse the neighborhood cat who also came over for a snack. Mouse is awfully brave most of the time, but he cleared the deck for Freckles.

Freckles the Dog

Freckles, why are you licking your lips?

Kitty has something to say

Oh no! Not that dog again!

Garden snails were playing hide and seek under the strawberry plants and a tiny slug figured out the best hiding place ever: inside a peanut shell, dropped through the hole of a garden pot.

Slug in a peanut

Hide and seek in a peanut shell

As kids we too loved to play hide-and-seek or chase for hours.  We stayed out in the cold, teeth chattering.  We didn’t want to risk going home for a coat, only to be called in for the night. They say play is the work of children. I would like to add that the garden is the playground for all creatures.

I’m off to see if one of those squirrels left a Facebook status update.