Seed Keepers: An Organized Gardener’s Dream

The Seed KeeperI stumbled upon the Seed Keeper last week and mentally filed it under “why didn’t I think of that?”  Today I bought one!

The Seed Keeper is a filing system for your seeds, complete with tabs for sorting alphabetically or by month.   After years of storing my seed collection in a little orange gift bag, I’ll finally have a dedicated storage system, organized  in an easy to access system.   I used to buy a few seed packets a year but as my passion for gardening  grew, so too did my collection of seeds.  Each year I buy seed packets as Christmas gifts, collect pumpkin seeds from my garden and occasionally receive some as gifts or freebies.  A good storage system is essential.

Kerrie Rosenthal and Carol Niec came up with the idea when:

“… we tried to find a better way to store our seeds. Together, we developed a seed filing system for seed packets and captured seeds complete with tips and seed planting accessories. The accessories were chosen because they are important to the seed starting process. The plastic clip-lock container is rugged enough to go to the garden and solid enough to protect delicate seeds until the next planting season.”

I ordered mine online, though they are available at a variety of locations throughout the United States and Canada.  Checkout the Seed Keeper and the Seed Keeper Deluxe.

I splurged on the Seed Keeper Deluxe (I liked the green handles). In addition to the basic storage system (box and dividers) the kit includes:

A-Z dividers have new, essential garden information about composting, rain barrels, mulch, a Frost Zone Map, recipes, plant facts and other fun and interesting nuggets.  Sturdy Monthly Dividers are helpful for planning seed-starting and garden plantings. Also included are 10 wooden plant markers, permanent marker, 10 glassine seed envelopes, 10 What Did I Plant?Labels (no more mystery plants), garden gloves, a seed sorting dish, garden ruler, anti-static seed tweezers, hand-held seed magnifier, utility clip, seed picker-uppers (toothpicks in a tube) and a hand & nail scrubber.

Wow!  I can’t wait to organize my seeds.