The Traveling Gardener: Flowers of Southern California

I took a road trip this weekend with a small group of close friends covering several hundred miles of California. We started in the Bay Area, moved south to Santa Cruz, and then traveled “The 5” to Marina del Ray. The trip was extraordinary in many ways. I had joyous, but all too brief reunions with friends from my theater days; wonderful re-acquaintances after thirty years.  Through the connectivity of Facebook, I’ve opened doors to people I would never have met, while drawing back the curtain from parts of my life I was sorry to see fade away.  I’m still reveling in this friendship high.

We passed miles of coastline and rolling hills, and the not so elegant oil-well pumps and truck stops.  Garden enthusiasts like me reaped the benefits of travel in early spring: flowers everywhere.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Madonna Inn: Poppies in the Rain

Tiny Little Flowers Cascading Over Rocks

Part of the Santa Barbara Welcoming Committee

Bird of Paradise after dark in Marina del Rey

Palm Fronds Rustle in the Breeze in Marina del Rey