Thirty Days in the Garden: A Glider Debut

Are you ready for the big reveal?

The garden glider is open for business. I inadvertently included a sneak peek on Sunday, but now it’s official.

The glider came with a seat cushion which is thankfully removable. I picked up a couple of toss pillows at Target, perfect for an afternoon nap. The cushions are a bland grey, but they’re covered in that outdoor material the squirrels abhor.

I made that up. They probably love the pillow fabric, but for now we’ll pretend otherwise.

Gliders, unlike swings, glide back and forth instead of arching in a curve. I had a chair glider when I nursed both of my babies and loved it. Gliders have a smaller footprint than a rocker, so that’s also a plus.

The area under the half-umbrella looks and feels great. We ordered a replacement cover for the umbrella last year, but due to COVID, it took months for it to arrive. The umbrella fit is looser than the old one, but nothing can be done for it now. I like the way the green blends into the garden. The umbrella collects debris from the orange tree, so the darker color will help disguise the dirt.

With the glider assembled and in place and the new umbrella cover overhead, I changed my mind about the small blue tables. I’m using a round table instead. I’m going to paint the top of the blue tables with chalk paint, but I’ll leave the legs the faded blue. I’ve moved the tables close to the hose bib, where I’ll use them for my assorted watering cans.

Here’s what the area looked like before with the tattered umbrella and swing.

Here’s what it looks like now:

I like the cleaner lines, the color of the wood, the arched back, and the extra space around the glider. The swing legs took up a lot of room. It’s now easier to walk around the glider to rake leaves from the gravel.

I’m so pleased with the way it all came together.

As for the squirrels, I’ve presented an offering behind the glider. I hope it does the trick.

Blooming Thursday: Books and Flowers


My book club meets once a month with each of us taking turns as host.  Tonight was my turn, and the first time in a few years that it landed on a warm, August night.  Awesome!  I couldn’t wait to play host in the garden.

I spent part of the morning shopping for food, sweeping and washing the patio and then I went really crazy and took out the iron!  I don’t know what came over me.  Probably that ironing post on Boomdeeada. I ironed the cloth napkins, a fabric remnant for the sideboard, and the tablecloth.

Tie-dyed tablecloth and garden flowers

Tie-dyed tablecloth compliments the garden flowers

The tablecloth wasn’t a tablecloth at all before today, but a piece of muslin, recently tie-dyed purple and originally intended to re-cover a folding screen. That’s a long story for another post, but now it’s a tablecloth. As my head filled with details of candles, flowers and other little niceties that make hosting fun, it occurred to me that I might have enough fabric left over from recovering my swing in early May to repair the screen.  The remnants were for making swing cushion covers, but covering the screen would be more interesting.  Would I have enough?

Amazingly, I had exactly what I needed with just a small square of fabric left over.  I used fabric trim to cover the side board, a splashy pink against the subtle green.  Really, I should have my head examined for tackling this project today. What was the rush?

Candles on Sideboard

Leftover pink trim makes the perfect sideboard cover

Three smashed bottles of tacky-glue later, the screen was 90% complete.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

I rolled up the used newspaper, put away my tools, vacuumed the rug and jumped into the shower with 40 minutes to spare.

The evening came together nicely.  It’s great seeing friends and discussing books. Our pick this month was The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, described as

  “a story about love and friendship, abandonment and belonging, and the discovery of surprising resources in apparently empty places.”

Thumbs up for the book! Thumbs up for the Bookettes, too. Thumbs down for the crazy gardener who still thinks she can do it all.

Book Club Friends

The Bookettes