Lighting the Garden

The talented Anne Daiva taught me a couple of things about photography, and the significance of natural light.  Anne takes stunning photographs of babies and families with artistry and depth. When she mentioned taking her outdoor photos at the beginning or the end of the day, I took notice.

Coincidentally, those of us with fair skin and freckles are better off in the garden at the beginning and end of the day.  I’m usually outdoors when the sun is up but not yet heating my bare shoulders.

Though I’ll never be the photographer that Anne is, I do enjoy playing with my camera while allowing the powerful sun to work its magic.  Here are a few:

coleus closeup leaf

Let the sun shine through

tower of pots succulents

Tower of Succulents
July 31st, 7:12 pm

tall grasses at sunset

Grasses at sunset
July 31st, 7:10 pm

cat in the sun

Mighty Mouse
July 31st, 7:11 pm

To quote an old Irish saying, ‘may the sun shine warm upon your face.’ Have a great weekend.