According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, kitty-corner means

“in a diagonal or oblique position” <the house stood kitty–corner across the square>

Silly me!  All this time I thought it meant the garden corner where kitties congregate.
Our kitty corner saw a lot of activity this week. One morning, a stunning Siamese cat appeared, staying just long enough for a picture. I’ve not seen her before but what a lovely.  She has a chocolate-brown face and brilliant blue eyes.  I wonder what she’s looking at?
Handsome Kitty

Handsome Kitty Drops By

An hour later our neighbor’s cat showed up in the same spot. Kitty should be on the other side of her own cat fencing.  She’s found a way to escape the yard, but they never see her do it so they don’t know how. We keep hoping we’ll discover her escape route. So far, no luck.  She’s got that “I’m not supposed to be here” look on her face, doesn’t she?


Flash Looking Sheepish

Flash on the Move

Flash on the Move

There she goes.
In the inside corner pocket of the garden, Beijing likes to drape herself on both sides of the door.  She keeps her torso outside for maximum sun, while resting her head on the threshold.  This sends a less than subtle message to the resident felines that they’ll have to go around.

Beijing Warms Up

Taking Sun

Lindy and Beijing taking sun (Sorry, Lindy, this corner’s taken)

We love our garden’s kitty-corners. Perhaps I should send a note to Merriam Webster to suggest an additional dictionary entry: where cats congregate. What do you think?