Looking up at the Cosmos


Looking up at the cosmos this evening was a treat. I fell in love this summer with these magnificent flowers.  Like any new love, I’ve enjoyed the novelty and discovery of uncharted territory.

Writing about cosmos for this blog and snapping dozens of photos along the way has enriched my garden experience. I’ve captured small changes I might have otherwise missed in pictures and prose.  Such simple pleasures.

All week I’ve wanted to gather a few seeds, but the heat has been oppressive. This evening, after an hour of tending to the less glamorous garden chores, I sat cross-legged in front of the cosmos and took a moment to enjoy the view.  Then, using a soft toothbrush, I swept up the seeds gathering on the pumpkin leaves below.  I’ll package some of the seeds for holiday gifts and the rest will be carefully stored in my Seed Keeper for next year.  I’ve spotted several black and white songbirds lately, so I’ve left plenty of seeds behind for them too.

Seeds safely stowed, I rolled on my back and took a few photos from the ground looking up.  For a moment in time I was a girl again, lying barefoot on the grass, eyes skyward.  Time for a bit of daydreaming until reality intrudes.

Cosmos looking up

Cosmos Looking Up

Cosmo seeds

Cosmo Seeds

Cosmo seeds

Cosmo seeds at the Beach