Sunbathing in January

Cats loathe the rain. Conversely, they love the sun. Though our freakishly warm temps are anything *but* normal, they’re okay with it.  They’ve been sunbathing in the garden and generally loving life.

lindy in the sun

Winter shadows, summer temps

beijing in the sun

Beijing faces the sun

Squirrels have hunkered down in other parts of the country.  Not around here.  This little fella is soaking up some rays from the comfort of a neighboring pine tree.  I love the way he drapes his tail across his back for extra warmth.

squirrel in pine tree

Catching some rays

Apparently the spinner of this web is on walkabout.  All that sun went to her head.  Of course I didn’t linger long in-case she tapped me on the shoulder to prove me otherwise.

spider web

I wonder where she is?

What do cats, squirrels and spiders have in common?

Stealth mode.  They can hold completely still, then move at lightening speed when the mood (or the meal) strikes.  You can drop that little piece of trivia at your next cocktail party.

We’ve been so long without rain now that even the rain-haters are talking about it.  Meanwhile, critters everywhere are stocking up on Vitamin D.

Have a terrific weekend.  Wishing you seasonally appropriate weather in your special place in the world.