Thirty Days in the Garden: Flat Pack Glider

The garden glider is here!

Some assembly required

Yesterday I mentioned replacing our garden swing with a glider, and today it arrived. Wow, that seemed fast. I received the shipping notification while downtown volunteering, and I could hardly wait to get home.

When I got here, Mike had already disassembled the old swing. It sat in a pile near the driveway.

I raced into the back yard picturing a fully assembled glider. Only then did I realize the some-assembly-required part of the deal. The new glider arrived in a flat cardboard box.

Flat pack glider

I should know better. Unless it’s a couch or an appliance, there is almost always some assembly required.

We moved the stacked pieces into place and removed the packaging. Straight out to the box, we realized one of the glider arms had been pulled away from its screws. Seeing the bent screws and shredded wood left me crestfallen.

Damaged glider arm

Mike is Mr. Fix it, so when I suggested we call and request a replacement part, he assured me he could make it work. While I attached the seat to the back, he pulled out the damaged screws and set about the repair. The wood glue in his workbench is past its usefulness date, so that meant a trip to the hardware store.

Mike applying wood glue to broken glider arm

We had a quick dinner, and then Mike glued and reassembled the glider’s arm. It needs two hours to cure, so it’s resting against the kitchen counter under a couple of boxes of sparkling water.

Waiting for the glue to dry and set

We’ll be back at it on Sunday. I’ll share more photos then.

Happy weekend! May your days be assembly-free.