EarthBox: Growing our Salad


Earth Box

Inspired by Pauline at The Contented Crafter, I planted an EarthBox™ this weekend with assorted salad greens.  The heirloom tomatoes self-seeded this year and are well on their way. I’m looking forward to a summer full of fresh garden salads.

The EarthBox™ planting system is a great way to grow vegetables in small spaces.  It’s a fully contained gardening system.  The box comes with

  • an aeration screen
  • fill tube
  •  Dolomite
  • Fertilizer
  •  Mulch cover

You pack the lower corners of the box with potting mix, then add additional mix to the two-inch mark.  On top of the mix you add a layer of Dolomite (premeasured and provided in the kit).  After mixing in the Dolomite, you create a small trench down the center of the box and add the premeasured fertilizer.  Finally, you add the remaining soil, the cover, and you’re ready to plant.

Our backyard garden has very little full sun. This box allows me to extend my growing space by wheeling it to the edge of the patio in the path of the sun. It’s a great system for first time gardeners, since all the guess-work is done for you. It conserves water, another plus since you add water through a fill tube. This encourages the water to flow to the bottom where the roots will follow. No surface drying and no leakage.

I used a similar product called a City Picker for last year’s tomatoes. The plants did well, but it was difficult to stake them in such a shallow pot. They’re growing in the raised beds this summer instead.

I added a band of copper tape barrier to the box and the lower rungs of the trellis. The tape creates a small electrical charge that snails won’t cross. It’s a cruelty-free, organic way to ensure snail-free salad.


Copper tape discourages snails

copper tape on trellis

Copper tape on trellis

Last, but not least, I planted a handful of sweat peas from seed along the back of the box. (Thank you, Boomdee). If all goes according to plan, I’ll have a box brimming with purple flowers and fresh salad greens for months to come.

EarthBox looking down

EarthBox™ (looking down)

Organic Mixed Lettuce

Organic Mixed Lettuce

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