Sunflowers From Boomtown

sunflower postcard

Special Delivery from Edmonton

My dear friend Boomdee is coming to town. She’ll be here in a matter of days. When we’re not sharing via our blogs, Facebook or Skype, we fill in the gaps with tiny treasures via snail-mail. When you have a kindred spirit, it’s a bit like having a twin. You find yourselves doing the same thing at the same time without  realizing it until later. You fall into patterns as if you’ve known each other your entire life. The most incredible part of all is finding your kindred spirit through blogging.

Here is the latest from Boomtown aka Edmonton, Canada: a cheerful sunflower postcard with the glittery “Boomdee Touch.”

cat with postcard

“The older I get, the more I realize how rare it is to meet a kindred spirit.” – Ethan Hawke

Beijing and sunflower

Practicing her best sunflower smile.


“True friends are always together in spirit.” – L.M. Montgomery from Anne of Green Gables

oranges and postcards


Do you have a kindred spirit? Tell me more in the comments below.

Blooming Thursday: A Tiny Bouquet

I used to dream of growing tall, sturdy flowers that I could arrange in elegant bouquets.

I’m over it.

Gathering tiny blooms, bits of green here and there, and then arranging them in a small vessel is infinitely more fun. Last night, as I gathered seeds from the Cosmos, I snipped a few blooms for a bouquet. I added lavender, asparagus fern, tall grass and a few bluebells and arranged them in my favorite cup.

Cosmos, Lavender and Bluebells in a vase

Cosmos at rest: Flowers from the garden, cat mug from the heart
Cosmos, bluebells, lavender, fern and grass

cosmos by day

Cosmos by the light of day

My college friend, Carrielin, gave me this cup thirty years ago. It’s always been a favorite.  She knew how much I loved cats, flowers, and tea, and managed to combine all three in this charming mug. What better way to display my little bouquet.

Cat Mug close up

Kitty Mug Close-up

Cat Mug Handle

Even the Handle is a Cat

Do you have a favorite little treasure filled with joyful memories?