Garden Log: July 23, 2012


Here’s what’s happening in the garden:

Pink Cosmos

As the pale pink cosmos wind down, this bright pink beauty emerged nearby. Could it be the start of a whole new crop?

Flowering annuals

Our tall clay pot is a Hodge-podge of color. A few seeds, a few cell packs and a volunteer or two add up to Snapdragons, Vinca, California Poppies, Begonia, and a couple of Birdhouse Gourds.

Pumpkin Hanging by a Thread

This pumpkin is literally hanging by a thread (see insert). It measures 35 inches in circumference, about 11 inches across.

Acorn-shaped pumpkin

One of the few surviving pumpkin transplants. Its funny shape reminds me of a large acorn. What do you think?

Large Pumpkin

The darling of the pumpkin patch. It measures 52 inches in circumference, about 17 inches across.

Pumpkin Sprout

This ill-fated pumpkin sprout has lost its way. It’s growing in the middle of the lawn, no doubt planted there by a squirrel.

I’m hiding indoors from the hot afternoon sun, but will check on the emerging Lacewings at dusk.

How does your garden grow?