Everyone P**ps

You can take the girl out of England, but you can’t take the English out of the girl.

I came really close to naming today’s blog Everyone Poops, from the children’s book of the same name.  Written in Japanese, and translated into English, I first spotted this book nearly twenty years ago in a Mendocino bookstore.  I giggled.

My dad was British, my mom Canadian.  We used more polite words when discussing bodily functions, and even in my fifties I give pause before using this particular word.

Yet today on my hike, when this lovely deer provided a front row seat to her daily elimination, I kept thinking about that book.

deer in the woods

Taking care of business

deer on the path

On her way

I thought of other things as well.  She was trusting enough to hold my gaze while at the same time holding that position.  It was fun for me, hiking alone, to have her walk along the same path for a few hundred feet before heading up the hill.

Hiking companion

Hiking companion

Generally they close the park trail to traffic, but the gate was open this morning.  As I snapped away, I heard a large truck pull up behind me.  I moved off the path to let the truck pass. I giggled some more.

clean out tank

Clean-out Tank

You’ll never hear this discussed on Downton Abbey, but the reality is it’s true.  Everyone p**ps.