A Meeting of Libraries, Real and Imagined

Laurie Graves is a terrific writer and a good soul who blogs at Notes from the Hinterland,

“in which a Maine writer reflects about nature, living in a small town, people, social concerns, art books, and food.”

Laurie Graves

Laurie is also a fiction writer who recently completed the fourth and final book in The Great Library Series.

Of Time and Magic is dedicated to Laurie’s blogging friends, where she notes that the Great Library novel series has traveled the world.

I enjoy supporting independent writers and the Little Free Library movement, so it was fun purchasing several copies to share in our communities’ Little Free Libraries, or LFLs.

Here are a few:

San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood LFL
Inside: Of Time and Magic by Laurie Graves
This is a fairly new LFL, also in Willow Glen
The interior of this book box shows off Clif Graves book design

This gorgeous library is in the Cambrian District of San Jose. It’s a delight.

This library was almost empty when we got there. It’s at the trailhead of a Los Gatos park
Posing with Laurie’s book in front of the Bel Gatos LFL
Two bloggers represented here: Laurie and Marlene of In Search of it All

We have two small libraries in our front yard. A friend built the first library using reclaimed wood. Then, a few years later, Donna Pierre gave it a complete makeover. When the pandemic hit three years ago, and we were all shut down, I put a clear bin outside with children’s books. Kids were out of school, so a book box dedicated to young readers and later crafting kits were a hit. Eventually, I bought a second book box from the non-profit Little Free Library to replace the sun-damaged bin, and once again, Donna worked her magic.

Our Little Free Libraries, Cambrian area of San Jose
Our Children’s Little Free Library

In short, I love books and sharing books, and what could be better than sharing books written by a wonderful blogger who’s written four novels about the Great Library?

You can learn more about the Little Free Library movement and the non-profit’s various literary programs here.

You can buy Laurie’s books here.

Here’s the link to our first LFL, dedicated in 2014 and the children’s version from 2020.