Blooming Thursday: Enjoying the Rain

We’re enjoying a wet spring break, with rain falling most days.  I woke to a heavy squall around five this morning and never got back to sleep.  The sound of rain at that hour is soothing and invigorating, unless of course you’re a cat.  Falling rain is simply annoying.  Our kitties cast a backward glance as I open the door, as if to say “make it stop!”

If the flowers could talk, they would tell a different tale.  I’ll attempt to interpret with photos, below.

Raspberry Flower about to Fruit

Through the Grapevine

A New Garden Addition

Pink Azalea Closeup


Candy-cane Azalea Smothered in Blooms

Magnolia Liliiflora, You Make my Heart Sing

Our Beloved Tree

We have two Magnolias in our yard, equally magnificent but unique. The more traditional tree, a grandiflora st. mary  towers over the house and provides shade and shelter for neighborhood birds. It’s also an evergreen so we tend to take if for granted since it’s covered in shiny green leaves year round. It produces huge white blooms, and lemon-sized seed pods.

The smaller, more compact Magnolia is only about six feet tall.  It started out in the back yard, where it suffered from a fungus every spring. We transplanted the tree to our front yard where it now happily thrives.  The Tulip Magnolia (magnolia liliiflora) is deciduous.  It starts to wake up in early March with a show of pink and fuchsia, tulip-shaped blooms.

Ah, spring.  All kinds of goodies in store.

Magnolia Bloom

Magnolia Liliiflora