I Got It! I Got to Have a Gott!

DSC_0071If you follow Shelley Sackier’s weekly musings at Peak Perspective you’ll know why I’m excited. If you don’t, go take a peek. You’re in for a treat.

Shelley writes brilliant and entertaining prose with wit and charm.The equally talented Robin Gott provides the doodles. They collaborate across a continent, producing weekly gems that make you smile and think. I want to be like them when I grow up.

As readers, we voted each month for our favorite doodle. The best of the best made it into his 2015 calendar.

Robin Gott doodles

Robin Gott: The Clever Doodler

On November 22nd Shelley published Gotta Have a Gott announcing

“the grand unveiling of the crackerjack cartoon collection of Peak Perspective’s illustrator extraordinaire—Robin Gott. We’ve been ballyhooing this exciting event for ten months, and have decided that for this first year Rob will create and put FIFTY calendars up for sale.”

Gotta Have A Gott!!! calendar

Gotta Have A Gott!!!

Rob studied art in London, but currently lives in Sweden.  He says:

“I’ve more or less escaped from the production line process of animation, and I’m just having fun drawing for my own amusement.”

Lucky for us, I say!

Shelley’s bio includes this gem:

“My experiences are prolific, my hopes still abundant and my realizations wishfully profound. It is what we make it.”

She makes you glad you stopped by.

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