Another Day, Another Storm

The winds are back with a vengeance today, along with steady rain. The power is on, at least for now. My friend pointed out that I could have used our summer coolers to preserve our groceries during the last power outage. It just never occurred to me at the time since lengthy power outages are rare. I feel more prepared this time around. (Thanks, Donna!)

Rainy Tuesday: Happy Succulents on Deck

Just outside the window, a hummingbird is making the rounds. He seems unperturbed by the rain and happy to stop at the flowers and the feeder for a meal. Earlier this month, we had regular hummingbird visits to the Anemone virginiana.

The hummingbirds pluck the fluff, the non-technical term for diaspore, and use the downy surface to build a nest.

Ana’s Hummingbird gathering fluff for her nest

It took weeks to capture a three-second video. Mike and I both delight in this sort of thing.

The California grey squirrels were busy this morning, but unlike the hummingbirds, they prefer to wait out the storm. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent pics, so I’ll share a few favorites instead.

This year, life has settled into a more reasonable pace, affording me more time to putter and play. I’m finally decorating my son’s former bedroom. He moved into his place nearly a year and a half ago. It’s been years since I’ve had the chance to redecorate a room, so I’ve been taking my time and enjoying the process. I’ll share more details in an upcoming post.

Neutral Walls, Future “Lemon Tree”

I’ve also sorted the house top to bottom as I do for my organizing clients, passing on small appliances and underused items from the kitchen. My crafting area got a do-over as well. When both boys were off to college, I claimed the side-by-side IKEA desks that they used in our den. We’ve had four desks in that room, one for each of us. It worked well for homework and was a place for the kids to play video games with friends.

Time to Reconfigure the Crafting Area

After nearly a year of using the space, I realized that the configuration of side-by-side desks didn’t work as well for crafting. Having my back to the windows didn’t work for me either. I’ll share more details of those changes as well.

Sometimes you only realize what you’re missing once you get it back. I’ve missed writing, puttering, gazing out the window, and time to be. It feels good to be back in this blogging space and to have the time to leave thoughtful replies. I’m so glad you’re here.

30 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Storm

  1. I cant wait to see the renovated spaces. What fun. (Aaron’s been gone since 2016 and I still can’t decide what I want in that room.


    • Thank you, Amy. We have a four-bedroom house with always-changing rooms. We had a guest room until the two boys came along. When Chris was off to college, we used his room for guests. I thought I might use it for sewing (and I have sewn in there) but I don’t sew like I once did. I spent some time in there just thinking about what I wanted. It evolved, and then eventually landed on guest room with the option to set up my sewing machine.


  2. Dear lovely busy bee, you’re getting lots of fun projects in motion! I’m dying to see a lemon tree in Chris’s old room. I think it’s nice to face a window to craft too, and if you need to take photos, natural light is always great.
    I could go through my kitchen to donate duplicates too, but I’m not really hard up for space. Maybe if we move into a condo at some point. Although it’d probably be more updated than my current kitchen with sensible and clever pull outs (or that’d be my hope).
    How fun to watch a hummer collect flower fuzz, I bet that’d be cozy to nest apon. I’m glad your days are flowing better, I know I really enjoy having my own time to do what I enjoy most! 💛 xK

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    • Hello hello, crafty Boomdee. I had fun with the lemon tree. It’s a large set of decals that you put together following a map of sorts. There is plenty of room for improvisation, too.

      It is nice having time to spend as you like. I’m finding a nice balance.

      You have a lovely layout in your home and lots of storage, too. I think everyone wishes they had more, but I like to work with what I’ve got. xo

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  3. On the other side of the world but we also had a very windy, rainy night last night – probably not so rare for the U.K though.
    I would be embarrassed at the moment to show photos of my sewing room. Maybe I will get it into some sort of order before I start blogging again which I’m trying to do as I’ve got some challenging makes I want to share. Just got to get into the right frame of mind.


  4. I’m so glad you are back! I love your organization and your creativity. I am always in awe of what you create. Hope that this storm wasn’t as bad as the last one and that you kept your power. The hummingbird video was delightful, and the squirrel photos are enchanting. Look forward to seeing what you create, which as you and Eliza noted, is good for the soul.


    • Thank you, Laurie! I appreciate all your kind words and good will. The latest storm caused more power outages, and more downed trees, but to a lesser extent than the last one.

      As for the hummingbirds, they move with amazing speed and agility. They visit several flowering plants, and the feeders that Mike lovingly tends to every day. We took a class from a birder several years ago and learned a lot about their habits.

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      • We have hummingbirds here, too, in the summer. How we love seeing those whizzing beauties.

        Oh, those storms! Every time I read about one coming your way, my heart is my throat. I hope no trees fall and that your power stays on.


  5. I was so happy to see you here too! I’ve missed your posts. You are doing exactly what I’ve been doing and actually getting more accomplished. I’m still working at it. Waiting for these high winds and rain to move on through so I can get holiday things exchanged in the garage storage. It is fun redoing a room for new purpose. Looking forward to pics. That video of the humming bird is a real treat. They move so fast I could never get a photo. Now those squirrels seem like they want to pose for you. I’m glad to see the word ‘balance’ in you comment to someone. That’s the real trick, isn’t it? I’m heading into my sewing room as soon as the winds die down just enough that I don’t have to worry about power surges. I had wondered if you’d had any weather from what was going through CA. At least the rain will help. Hugs, m

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    • Thank you, Marlene. It’s always nice to be missed. I didn’t know you were also experience high winds. They are so darn scary. We enjoy all the wildlife in our back yard. I’m amazed at the squirrels indifference to the cats and vice versa. The hummingbirds get to know us, and they will buzz us when the feeders are low.

      I hope you had an enjoyable and productive day in your sewing room. What are your next projects?

      Hugs to you, MH

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      • Working on a spring wall hanging that is sandwiched and will be pinned in the morning. I have to decide how to quilt it than bind it. Have an Easter/spring quilt to cut and start piecing. Still working on H’s shirt. The hard parts. Half finished embroidery slow sewing. Also crafts group has some little things to paint and glue. We are a bunch of 5 yr.olds there. 😉 High winds are the norm up here. Quite a bit of flooding too. More rain and snow that in the last 13 years, apparently. I’m in love with my machine that I’ve finally had the chance to learn how it works. Excellent quilting machine. The arrangement works fairly well but still needs a bit of tweeking. Stay safe.


        • I love all the crafting, sewing and quilting you have going on. You certainly get a lot of mileage from your machines. I hope you’ll share your finished projects in a future blog. Gosh, Marlene, I didn’t realize that you are also getting weather extremes. It seems nowhere is immune. I’m glad you have several indoor hobbies that you enjoy. xo

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          • Thanks so much, Alys. I promised myself 55 years ago, living with my MIL that I would never be a person without creative work to do. She had a genius IQ as did my husband and she watched soaps all day. No hobbies, no friends, no books, just soaps. I would rather be overwhelmed with more to do than time than nothing to keep my mind active and alert. I will share photos as I progress. Have to do something interesting to have something to share, right? 😉 Hugs and love with some sunshine. 🙂


  6. It is so nice to get more updates from you Alys! I shall look forward to seeing the craft area being reorganized. You may have some useful tips for me… I seem to be accumulating wool and yarn for all the crochet projects I want to do – but won’t get round to in the near future now that the gardening season has begun! LOL! The hummingbird video is fabulous! I have already seen butterflies here so it must be spring!


    • Thank you, Cathy. Ah, butterflies, truly a harbinger of spring. I hope your ground is thawing and ready for planting soon.

      A few tips for your yarn collection: I like organizing projects together so that when inspiration strikes or time permits, you have it all ready to go. If you put the yarn, the pattern and even the hooks needed if you have spares, then you can easily grab and go for time on the train or bus, while waiting for an appointment, or the like.

      If your plan is to pick up these projects again when the weather is cooler, you can store them in right-sized bins or totes with the date. This helps us limit future spending until we’ve worked through a project. Additionally, you may lose interest in something all together. This type of storage system allows you to pass it along to someone else.

      Good luck. Please let me know how you do.

      One more thing: plastic can trap moisture so if you have high humidity, perhaps avoid plastic bins. Think about wool eaters as well if moths or other nibblers are an issue.


  7. What fun to see your hummingbirds, Alys! My mom absolutely adored all of the hummingbirds that visited her Arizona garden all day long. So, this year I am hoping to welcome hummingbirds to my garden! I have been learning as much as I can and hope hummingbirds will come to visit and feel right at home in my garden. It will be so delightful to watch them from our new deck!
    Can’t wait to see the changes you make to your creative space, Alys! I love the clever way you display your washi tape collection! I’m always searching for creative ideas… and always find them here! Sending big hugs, sweet friend! xo


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