Scrap Happy, Cat Happy

Scrap Happy is that time of the month when our host Kate encourages us to bust out the scraps and give them a new life. It’s open to everyone.

Queen B on her lap pad

This is Queen B. She loves sitting on my sister’s lap, but her sharp claws go right though Sharon’s clothes. I thought it would be fun to make a lap pad that would be pleasing to them both, protecting Sharon’s legs while providing warmth.

The lap pad needed to be thick and warm, but I also wanted it to have some weight to keep it in place.

I used three disparate scraps to pull this together: Leftover Minka fabric from my sister’s shrug project,

Minka scrap

terrycloth cut-off from the bottom of a long robe,

and a linen calendar, a gift from my friend Marcia in 2018.

Linen cat calendar

I doubled up on the terry cloth, essentially making one piece out of two scraps. I sewed the layers together in a few places to stabilize. The outer layer uses the linen cat calendar and the Minka.

I tested the pad before delivering it and it is warm and cozy.

Sleepy kitty

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46 thoughts on “Scrap Happy, Cat Happy

  1. Of course the title of your post caught my eye, and I was delighted to see sweet little Queen B prominently featured! What a cutie! I do remember her claws — they never fully retract. What a great idea, and such a thoughtful gift, to make a protective and comfy lap pad for Sharon and Queen B! And naturally, your artistic talent and skillful craftsmanship turned out a beautiful piece.

    It warms my heart to see Sharon and Queen B enjoying each other’s company, and I remain ever grateful to you, Alys, for facilitating their connection.


  2. My pleasure, and I always enjoy coming here to see what your creative brain has devised. I’m surprise Her Majesty doesn’t demand the minky side for extra soft coziness, I know Mouse would…


  3. What a great use of those scraps and unused items. I’m sure Sharon and Queen B are both grateful for the practicality and the beauty of that lap pad. I know how much Sharon loves purple. Let nothing go to waste.


  4. Clever you ! I’m sure Sharon is enjoying it as much as Queen B. BTW, what does the B stand for? How do you organize scraps of fabric? Do you have a bin or draw somewhere? I’m in the process of organizing all my DMC Floss onto little skeins that fit into a small clear box. I’m enjoying the rainbow that’s transpiring. I kept buying the same colours over again, LOL ! 💗🥰


    • Sharon’s kitty used to live on Beverly Street. When Alicia rescued her, she called her Beverly. Sharon said that her kitty is a queen so she calls her “Queen B.” Cute, eh?

      I have a small ottoman that I use to store my fabric scraps. I don’t have that many to be honest, so it all fits. How exciting to be sorting your floss into bins. I hope you’ll share a photo when you’re done.

      Your stitching is always pristine. Everytime I see it I’m reminded of my days of embroidery, needlpoint, rug-hooking, etc. Time seemed infinite in my youth. I really enjoyed it. You make magic at the end of that needle. xo

      Liked by 1 person

      • gah, thanks hon! I love the texture it adds. I got a whack of variegated floss b4 Christmas and it’s all so pretty. I did finish my sorting on the weekend. All labeled with my pink P-touch 😀 The fact that it’s pink makes the task more fun.
        So an ottoman hey? You always seem to have just what you need.
        What a fun story about Queen Beverly! I’m so happy she has a forever home with Sharon 💗🥰

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’m so glad she’s with Sharon, too. They are made for each other. On the subject of P-touch, I’m thinking of getting a new one. Mine is 14 years old, so while it still works, it lacks all the improvements of the newer ones. I use a newer version downtown, and I like it so much better: the tape is easier to peel in half, the cutting tool is on the right instead of the left, the buttons are more readable, etc. It’s a handy gadget that I use again and again.

          Liked by 1 person

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