As Weeks Go

I thought we were immune.

So it goes in a country that celebrates gun ownership. Gun rights usurp human rights.

Last week, a disgruntled worker living with serious and untreated mental health issues, opened fire in the work place right here in San Jose. He had easy access to automatic weapons because I live in a country that thinks that’s ok. He shot and killed nine coworkers, before turning the gun on himself.

I feel sad and numb. I’m heartbroken for the loved ones whose lives shattered into a million pieces last week. All the talk about “healing” is meaningless. You don’t heal from gun violence. You don’t heal from the shock, the terror, the sadness. Women lost spouses, children lost their father, and several lost the family bread-winner.

Local and state politicians said all the things they always say at times like this. There have been many. California, thankfully, has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but that is not enough. One in five people in my state owns a gun.

I’m tired of the platitudes. I’m exhausted by the pain and suffering of those around us. I feel powerless to bring about meaningful change beyond casting my vote at each election.

And the beat goes on.

Paul Delacruz Megia, 42

Taptejdeep Singh, 36

Adrian Balleza, 29

Jose Dejesus Hernandez III, 35

Timothy Michael Romo, 49

Michael Joseph Rudometkin, 40

Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, 63

Alex Ward Fritch, 49

Lars Kepler Lane, 63 

May they rest in peace.

12 thoughts on “As Weeks Go

  1. No one is immune. Kerrville, a lovely little town of 20,000 in Texas just averted tragedy, arresting a man who planned to shoot up the local Walmart! I don’t hold much hope for change. If Sandy Hook didn’t bring about a change in gun laws nothing will. The tragedies will continue as we become numb to it all.


  2. So very, very sorry. I’m going to add my voice to “No one is immune.” It could happen anywhere and anytime in this country. Certain politicians don’t seem to care that much. Certain companies want to keep the money rolling. In the meantime, we are a society awash in guns and resentment and anger. In truth, I don’t really understand the whole situation. How did we get here? But here we are. Smarter folks than I will have to come to a better analysis.

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  3. I was certain this would deeply affect you as it was so close to home. Seeing that on the news hurt and frightened us all. It seems everyone with a grudge decides to take it out on anyone in their field of vision. I’ve always believed in the right to bear arms but with that comes grave responsibility. Just like driving a 7000 pound weapon that is your car. The unstable are having much too easy access to weapons. It is long past time for a change. We are in unstable times and too many are losing their footing. Will there be a resolution? I don’t know. I just know, like you, one has to be found. Sending love and hugs.


  4. I am so sorry that this has happened in your community. I live in Aurora, Colorado and just this evening I picked up prescriptions from the Kaiser across from the theater where the shooting happened. My heart breaks every time I see it. I believe that allowing civilians to own weapons of war is indefensible and all of the arguments to defend this crazy escalation of gun ownership are disingenuous at best, and undermining our government and way of life at worst.


  5. As a non-American your gun laws are incomprehensible to me and, I believe, to most people in the U.K. After a terrible massacre in Scotland in 1996 where sixteen 5 and 6 year old schoolchildren and their teacher were shot dead and fifteen others wounded there was massive pressure on the Government to review the gun laws and, by the end of 1997, private ownership of most handguns were banned as well as a semi-automatic weapons ban and mandatory registration for shotgun owners. (I think this is correct but somebody will correct me if not).
    It seems to me I’m always reading about some atrocity regarding gun crime in the U.S. and yet nothing is ever done about it. What on earth would have to happen to bring change? It’s almost as if these horrendous events have become something Americans have just decided to live with.
    I know you are a sensitive soul Alys and this happening so close to home will have caused you much distress. I imagine only a change in legislation would bring comfort but I’m afraid I can’t see that happening when you have such powerful advocates for private gun your country.


  6. It’s beyond reason. Baby car seats, regulated; building codes, regulated; operating a vehicle; regulated. Owning a weapon that can kill dozens in minutes, have at ‘er. It’s criminal that nothing will be done. So sorry this happened in your community hon. Arms around you.


  7. I know of no other nation that has enshrined the right to own a gun in its very constitution. I don’t think any other nation has seen the need to do so. And while other nations have had their massacres (Tialys has spoken about the UK; here in Australia we had a massacre at Port Arthur in 1996 – 35 killed and 23 wounded), they have swiftly resulted in gun law reform and restriction with support from ALL political parties. In the US, there seems to be a massive disconnect in perception between the ownership of guns and the ability to see that this enables the disenfranchised, disgruntled and mentally unstable to carry out their killing sprees. I am keeping your fellow citizens in my thoughts.


  8. New Zealand changed it gun laws because of “incidents” now you have to apply for a licence and many restrictions why you’ve even got one. But there are still shootings, most recently gang related but the big one was like your mentally deranged person a social security office where someone went berserk.
    So sad to see that mental health is nearly always in the forefront – and although we might not personally know those killed, it still seeps into us. Gentle hugs from me to you…


  9. it is beyond my comprehension too, Alys, so let me just send you many hugs and gentle wishes. Of course those hugs and wishes are sent to the families of those who lost their lives in this unnecessary act.


  10. I missed this when you first posted it. It is so scary and was so close. We have a friend whose daughter went to our SJSU theatre camp and her Mom works for VTA-way too close to home

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