Thirty Days in the Garden: A Fraction of Rain

April 25, 2021 rainfall (source

The promised rain arrived today, but it didn’t amount to much. Most of the news outlets are recording it in fractions. San Jose’s International airport recorded a trace.

We were home most of the morning but ran errands around 2. The seagulls pictured below flew inland during the storm, so I snapped a pic. Perhaps I’m presumptuous and the seagulls bank at Chase?

It’s all I’ve got as proof that a small amount of rain fell to the ground. Yawn.

I recorded a short video of the front garden with my phone. It’s looking pretty under the grey skies.

Video of the front garden today

Here are a few other pictures from the garden this week:

Mystery plant near mirrors

I hung these thrift-store mirrors on the fence two years ago to fill the space and reflect the garden. Something self-seeded (or returned) in front of the fence, and the plant is now taller than the mirrors. It requires further investigation, but what a surprise.

Spring garden under welcome grey skies

I hope you’ve had a good weekend.

23 thoughts on “Thirty Days in the Garden: A Fraction of Rain

  1. Sorry your rain day didn’t amount to much. The parking lot looked good and wet. We may join in with wet weather of our own until mid week. Unfortunately, still pretty cool here, so it may also be snow. Gak! I sure wish we could have palm trees too. xK


  2. What a shame about your rain. I loved the video, and it was especially nice to hear your voice! I am going steal your idea of the mirrors….now to find the perfect ones.


  3. It’s lovely. I know the rain doesn’t always show up there in spite of grey clouds.

    We had rain Saturday night and it’s high 60’s today but supposed to make 86 by Wed. It will be humid and sticky.

    Love the mirrors.


  4. I love your garden so much!! California poppies were my favorite as a girl growing up in SoCal and I do miss them. Here in Colorado we have some big white poppies that appear here and there, but not the stunning fields that I grew up with. Yawn.


    • I didn’t know that you grew up in SoCal. What part? My son is in Orange studying at Chapman, and we have other family in Newport. I’m with you on the fields of poppies. They’re a stunning shade of orange, and they move gracefully in the breeze.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I grew up in San Bernardino. 🙂 My family moved to Imperial Beach when I started high school and those years were basically spent at the beach as much as possible. I graduated from UCSD and worked in La Jolla right by the ocean until my job moved to Colorado. I still miss the ocean, but I do love the mountains and the seasons here.


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