Thirty Days in the Garden: Serbian Bellflowers

As the azaleas drop the last of their flowers, it’s time for the Serbian bellflowers (Campanula poscharskyanato) to put on a show. The bellflowers started to flower last week, and now they’re producing color in earnest.

2021, Azaleas and my “Dr. Seuss” succulent
2021, April, the same containers a month later

The plants are small, so I placed several under the azalea’s canopy. They took a few years to establish, but now the star-shaped flowers push their way through the azalea’s foliage when the azalea finishes blooming.

The bellflowers are a beautiful shade of purple to almost blue. We have several growing along the front of our living room window as well. They’re easy to grow, and unlike the azaleas, they bloom for some time.

I tried to get Lindy to look up at the camera, but she wanted no part of it. I snapped the photo anyway. Lindy adds charm to any picture, face-on or otherwise. She’s a sweet cat with a lovely disposition.

Lindy-Lu, almost 19

It’s Friday evening as I write this with an eye on the weather. We’re forecast for a 70% chance of rain on Sunday. We’re all doing our version of a rain dance, hoping that the wet weather materializes. Here’s hoping my next post is full of rainy day garden pics.

I hope you enjoy your weekend ahead, rain or shine.

24 thoughts on “Thirty Days in the Garden: Serbian Bellflowers

  1. Beautiful. I might give the bellflower a try here. It’s lovely. My azaleas are just starting to open though others around here have been open for a few weeks.

    Our house is down in a valley surrounded by trees which makes growing things a challenge.

    I cant wait to see your rainy day pics.

    Thanks for sharing. Love to Lindy. She’s beautiful.


    • Hi Amy, I hope you’ll give the bellflowers a try. That tolerate some sun and shade, so they might be a good fit. I’m glad your azaleas are flowering. Do you get a lot of spring rain where you live?


    • Thank you, Marlene. Lindy-Lu is such a sweetheart. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a mellow cat. She chose Chris at the Humane Society by reaching her paw out from behind the cage. We looked at every other cat, but my son knew who he would be bringing home. xo

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      • Cat’s know their people. Another blogger I follow had a cat that picked out his wife and tortured previous girlfriends. He said the cat had it perfect and is still married to the love of his life. They are wise indeed.


  2. What a good idea to underplant your pots. Our garden centres sell it as Campanula and I love it too. I had it planted at the lake in and around the garden. How often do you need to change the soil in your azalea pots? That must be quite the task, they look pretty heavy. I bet this is one of Sharons favourites? Such a pretty purple! xo K


  3. I think we’re getting the precipitation you aren’t. Our weather has certainly been erratic; we got snow last week! Our bellflowers petered out a few years ago; I’m so glad I can enjoy them again in your garden!

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  4. Progressive planting! My azaelas are outside, having planted them last spring (literally before I “went down” with the back thing). Wonder if that would work here, not in a container?


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