Thirty Days in the Garden: Sunday Snapshot 2.0

I’ve put together some favorite garden photos from the week for another Sunday Snapshot. We’ve had temperatures ranging from 45 to 88 F here in San Jose. I’m hanging my hopes on the potential for rain by Friday, but the estimates are low.

I once told a friend that the best time to pull weeds is after the last rain of the season. The wet soil is happy to relinquish the weeds, roots, and all. I didn’t wait this year, and it’s just as well. Things are still looking fresh. I’ll continue to enjoy it while it lasts.

I hope you’ve had a pleasant weekend.

17 thoughts on “Thirty Days in the Garden: Sunday Snapshot 2.0

    • Right? It’s comical everywhere else but here. I love the rain yet find myself living in a semi-arid state, entering into another probable drought. Even in a good year, our rainfall average is 17 inches. England averages 33 inches.

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    • Thank you, Derrick.

      I’ve just been looking at average rainfall. England averages 133 rain or snow days overall, though I know it varies by region. San Jose averages 61 rainy days. I’m hoping your temperatures warm up soon.

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  1. Nice wisteria!

    No rain here for nearly two months, so my watering regime has started in earnest.

    Anyway, weeds certainly do come out more easily after rain. I hope it wasn’t too long a job for you yesterday, Alys.


    • Thank you, Helen. Now that the Wisteria is established, it puts on an amazing show. It’s extraordinary.

      No rain for two months! Wow. Is that uncommon for you? I’ve just been reading about average rainfalls in different places.

      The most tedious weeding job is along the stone pathway. Oxalis, also known as yellow woodsorel, grows among the ground cover, taking root under the stones. I have to be careful not to distrub the ground cover, while pulling at the roots from under the stone and plants. I’m only successful at reducing, but not eliminating them.


      • Sounds like a tricky job to get the roots from under the stones.

        We had a very wet winter. With climate change it is reckoned that winters will be wetter and summers drier but traditionally April is supposed to be showery. So, it looks like we’ll have to get used to a new way of managing our gardens!

        Anyway, yes, your wisteria is extraordinary 😊


  2. Beautiful, beautiful! Didn’t feature any Friday Favorites last week because of good ole WordPress. Any one of your garden posts would do, but this is especially lovely. May I use this one?


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