The Drive to Wanaka

Laurie captures our drive to Wanaka today. She’s an amazing photographer and a gifted writer. Come have a look. Alys

Life on the Bike and other Fab Things

After organizing 7 people and packing up 2 cars, we were off to Wanaka (sounds like Monica or Hanukkah).  As is typical for New Zealand roads, the route was curvy and the scenery beautiful.

A brief stop along the way allowed Siddy to get a(nother) treat.

By 2pm, we were ready for a late lunch, and Monteith’s Brewery Bar in Alexandra was the perfect stop.  We enjoyed puppy friendly al fresco dining accompanied by Murphy’s Irish Stout (for me) and followed by a yummy flat white.

Soon enough, we were back on the road but another brief stop, this time at the Clyde Dam, offered some nice photo ops. The Clyde Dam, New Zealand’s third largest hydroelectric dam, is built on the Clutha River near the town of Clyde

With 45 minutes to go, we let Siddy enjoy the breeze.

And THEN we arrived at our temporary home.

What an…

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30 thoughts on “The Drive to Wanaka

  1. Wonderful scenery… I love that photo of you all outside the little purple car; my first thought was “how did they all fit into that?” Have a wonderful time, all of you. Koa ki to haerenga ki Aotearoa.


  2. OHMYGOODNESS. It looks and sounds like heaven! Especially your “temporary home” at the end there. So happy to see you’ve having a wonderful time, dear Alys.


    • We’re having an amazing time in this beautiful corner of the world. What a treat to spend time with these women I love on an island with more sheep than people. Can you imagine? Our temporary home is cozy and comfortable. We had drinks on the deck this evening after a trip to Queenstown. Mike arrived today. We road the gondola too the top, had drinks with a view, then returned for dinner. Bliss! I hope all is well with you, Heidebee.

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            • Of course it would be…and I’m so sorry. I wish you could magically fast-forward to retirement (or lead a coup). I’m glad the weekend is just around the corner. I hope you’ll be able to put your feet up and get lost in a craft or a good book or perhaps invite friends to a comedy show where you can forget about your troubles for awhile.


              • I think I’ll do a little hard labor in the garden! Not to mention get a haircut! It’s been a crazy week because I got a draft report in to review, need to brief my boss up for a panel I talked him into, had my computer utterly crash (it was taken away), and nearly went out of my mind when my 89 year old mother had emergency surgery for a bowel stricture. She’s fine now, but I’m still recovering! And poor Rex, well, that just added to it all. Can you imagine being fired in a tweet?


                • I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, Lisa. I’m glad she’s doing better, but that can be an easy thing to deal with while so far away. I fully commiserate with your computer woes. Its so frustrating when they give up the ghost. When it happens I feel completely unprepared. I hope you’re up and running soon. As for firing-by-tweet: horrifying. It fits the MO though. 45 is a selfish and self-centered SOB. He thinks he’s still on a reality show. Anyone standing up to him is out of there.

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    • Siddy is such a sweet, attentive little dog. We were all trying hard (and often failing ) not to spoil him with treats. He is a sensitive and affectionate little soul. Some of my favorite times were in the car when we drove places with him balanced on my need. Such a snuggly guy.

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