The Sketchbook in all its glory!

What a joy to be a part of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook. The completed sketchbook returned home this month, to the welcoming hands of the artist and blogger who brought so many of us together on the journey. Here is Anne’s lovely post, with links to all the contributors. You’ll find sketches, recipes, crochet, free-form embroidery and more. Come have a look. Thank you, Anne!

Anne Lawson Art

The other day the Fella brought in a box left by the postie. Immediately I knew it was the Sketchbook. Normally I dive right into things, but this was one parcel I wanted to savour. I sat down with a cup of tea, marvelling at the journey it had made. Then I carefully opened the box, and again, just took my time to enjoy looking. There was a card from Trish that I opened and read.

Then it was time to slowly take the sketchbook out of the bubble wrap and hold it in my hands. Oh it felt good! Deliciously fat, full of all the creativity that the Sisters had put in.


And more delights……Alys had attached some ladybird stickers, to be added next to each Sister’s address before sending on.

Jan had crocheted a pouch with Cambrian wool, “from the flocks of Wales”. The Sketchbook sat snuggly…

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17 thoughts on “The Sketchbook in all its glory!

  1. Good Morning to you !! Chirpity Chirp Chirp
    Isn’t that fun how it’s made it all the way back to the beginning! It’s cool to see everyone’s unique style. Did you always use the same box? I imagined it to have a bunch of stickers from other country’s Hey?!
    It’s a testiment to the power of creativity and art in general that can tie us all together no matter where we live in the word. It still gives me pause, that through WP, we’re able to create these friendships filled with joy, love and admiration from great distances apart.
    I wonder whatever happened to your garden guy with glasses? Is he still travelling? I don’t remember the website to check. He was so cute! Enjoy your day dearest xo

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    • Chirpity chirp chirp! It’s been so much fun taking part in this project, seeing all the different contributions and tracking the journey of the sketchbook as it traveled. It would have been fun to use the same packaging, but the sketchbook really grew in size as people added three dimensional textiles, so it probably got into a bigger and bigger box. That would have been fun though, like and 19th century traveling suitcase. It took me a minute to remember my “garden guy”. I haven’t heard from her in awhile, nor have I seen her on social media. It’s Garden Nerd. My tank top shrunk in length, so I bought some lettuce-colored lace and have yet to sit down and sew it to the bottom of the shirt. Thanks for the reminder! xo

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      • Oh yah, Garden Nerd. He was so cute. I like that idea. When I first read your reply, I was trying to figure out how I reminded you of your shrunken tank top? Insert clip of Gran-ma-ma on Downton hearing something unfavourable, LOL. She cracked me up when she’d pull that ‘indignant look’ as if to say, “wellll I never!!” . Then I put lettuce colour and Garden Nerd together, snort! xoxo


  2. What an incredible experience it must have been to be a part of this, Alys! And as is typical of you, is that you drew everyone together with a quilt. You have such a way of taking any project and elevating it. What a wonderful gift for all of you. ❤


    • Oh my goodness, Laurie. You say the nicest things. Thank you my friend. This was an amazing experience. It was extraordinary having a chance to hold the sketchbook. There is talk of auctioning the book for a women’s cause, but it’s still being bantered about. Isn’t that something?

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