Tessa Gets a Clean Bill of Health

More good news!

Our recently adopted kitten Tessa received a clean bill of health yesterday.

The sweetest face

She got a complete check-up, in addition to being tested for feline leukemia and FIV. Both tests came back negative. The Cat Hospital also scanned her for a microchip while I held my breath. She’s officially ours.

We’ve taken all of our cats to the same vet for nearly thirty years, so I’ve gotten to know several of the technicians. They were snuggling our little darling, snapping photos and generally fawning all over her. As it should be!

Our vet thinks Tessa is between seven and eight weeks old. She’ll go back when she’s older for spay surgery and a microchip, but for now she’s home and doing well.


Tessa in cat carrier

Tessa looks so tiny in the cat carrier

tessa's new fan club

Tessa’s new fan club




43 thoughts on “Tessa Gets a Clean Bill of Health

  1. Wouldn’t you love to know where and when she got into Mike’s car? The big pussy-cat in the sky was working hard that day! I didn’t think she would be micro-chipped, not that tiny and young – it’s not done here until they are spayed and so on, usually about 6 months. Is it the same in the US? I love your photo of the vet technicians photographing the unseen kitty ๐Ÿ™‚ She is going to be such a star, Mouse will have a run for his money!! I am looking forward to reading further updates as they come to hand – no pressure ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Pauline, I would love to know where she came from. I checked with Home Again and our local humane society and she didn’t show up missing. Sadly, cats are dumped in parking lots all the time. It makes me both angry and sad. I’m so glad she’s ours. I love her little spirit.

      She is young for both spay and microchip. My vet said the only time they do it early is if a cat will be re-released to the outdoors in a TNR program (Trap, Neuter, Release). We’ll keep her safely indoors.

      I promise to keep you updated. I also promise not to blog about her every day. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Welcome Tessa! She is definitely a cute, with a wonderful story. I wonder how many hearts she has captivated already? Certainly lots here in the bloggy world, as well as at the vets!


    • Hi Darlene, Cats often crawl into the wheel wells of cars to keep warm and dry. It often ends as you would expect, with the cat injured our killed by moving parts or run over. We’re glad this went the other way, and that she is warm, safe, dry and in a loving home.


  3. I shouldn’t be happy when a cat or dog isn’t microchipped (or tattooed as they sometimes are here in France) but, in this case, I definitely am. So pleased she passed her health check with flying colours too – all ready to start her new life with a loving family ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I’m with you on the microchip thing. I spent a good part of my day a few months back rescuing a dog from an intersection. I took him to a vet and had him scanned for a chip (non) and no collar either. I fed him in my car, then took him to an animal shelter and spent half an hour giving a report. The owner surfaced via our Next Door group with a cavalier “oh thanks”. I remember seeing ear tattoos in France. I wonder if there are pros and cons to one or the other?


      • The French (around here at least) do seem to favour the tattoo which at least is a visible sign that the cat belongs to somebody – otherwise the majority of people wouldn’t bother searching for the owner. There are so many dogs just let out in the morning to wander about – in the town too – that they are ignored for the most part because people don’t want the trouble (and it is trouble here) of trying to get the dog reunited with its owner. If only people would put a collar and ID tag on the dog (as well as a microchip or tattoo) I would have been saved numerous trips to refuges/police stations etc. where they always look at me as if I’m trying to offload one of my own. Cats are different of course – I’m not a fan of cat collars due to their climbing habits!


  4. She is the cutest little kitten I’ve ever seen ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy to hear she’s in good health and is officially yours – she couldn’t have found a better home! It will be so interesting to see how her personality develops over time; I sure there are many great stories to come!

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  5. I’m so happy to read your news hon! Isn’t she just adorable! no wonder the staff had their camera’s out ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish I could come right now and know her as a kitten. You’re going to get a lot of cuddle time โค How are Mouse and Lindy-Lou? Are they eager to get to know her? I hope everyone with be pals quickly. Enjoy every moment with your little beauty!


  6. I had never heard of FIV before. I’m so glad Tessa is well.

    I had cause to look under my car today (loose parts) and wondered where a cat could hide there. Hopefully one never does!


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