When Cats Act Like Toddlers

Mouse the Cat has personality to spare. I adore him from his cute little ears

cat with Nigella

to his sometimes-scented toes.

cat feet in violets

Living with Mouse is akin to life with a toddler. He’ll go non-stop, then suddenly collapse in a heap somewhere. He insists on being picked up or carried, oblivious to the fact that you may have things to do.

Holding a cat

I’ll just hang out here while you get some gardening done (2013)

cat on my back

Your hair needs washing. I can help you with that

Mouse on deck

On Deck (2016)

He wants in and then he wants out. He stands on his back paws and peers out the door with a demanding sense of urgency. Life is always better on the other side of a door when you’re a cat. He wants to follow me into the bathroom as well, just like my own boys did when they were two.

He loves to “help.”

Mouse with embroidery

Are you embroidering a rodent?

I can help with that, too.

Crafty Cat (2017)

When he wants your attention, he wants it NOW!

Yes, NOW!

Mouse (2013)

He adheres to the toddler principal of “what’s mine is mine.”

cat on a box

I assume this is a gift for me? (2014)

cat eating grass

You don’t mind if I eat this, do you? (2014)

We could have brought home a goldfish instead of surrounding ourselves with cats, but I can’t imagine how dull life would be. Toddlers might be terrors, but they also possess an infectious energy and charm.

This four-legged “toddler” technically belongs to a neighbor, but he moved in with us years ago and we’re so glad he stayed. We wouldn’t want it any other way. This year Mouse turns 7 in human years but in our hearts he’ll always be 2.

Who’s demanding your attention this week?








66 thoughts on “When Cats Act Like Toddlers

  1. hello my sweet ! I relish all your photo’s and none more than with Mr Mouse! He’s the big baby that never grows up, much to our entertainment. I like the one with him ‘helping’ you craft, tee-hee. He’s obviously smitten with you too. Oh and Mouse peeping over the foot poof, Mr Irresistable should be his name! He always looks so soft too, even in photo’s you just want to pick him up. What a relief that he adopted your family instead, he’s loved to the nth degree and deserves every bit of it πŸ˜€ My noodles are fast asleep, as was I only minutes ago. Was woken by Hocky noise. Are your guys still watching the games? xo K

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    • Hello, hello! What a treat to see you pop up so soon after the post. Thanks for loving Mouse the way we do, and for all your kind words. I don’t think I’ve ever lived with a cat with such an oversized personality. I’m sorry to hear a hockey game woke you up. Does that mean the Oilers won another game? Mike’s been in Mexico, so unless he’s watching sports (or the sports wrap up) I’m oblivious. It’s still super hot here so I’m sitting in the dark on the couch with the windows open and the ceiling fan on high. Mike landed at SFO and is working his way through customs. I hope you can get back to sleep soon. xo


  2. What a sweet tribute to Mouse. I’d bet you could put a scrapbook together for all of your sweet animals. He does have a lot of personality and I agree, cats are always toddlers. Of course, so are most men.:) Sent you a little e-mail. Hugs, Me


  3. Loved the pics! I think I may have taken one of them. The one with her on your back licking your hair, but I’m not sure. What a fun cat! Certainly a lot of personality! The neighbors don’t know what they are missing! What I also like is your handy thing you put on a Home Depot bucket to hold all your gardening tools and your knee pads! If they are easy to pick up somewhere please share!


  4. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos Alys. I love the one with Mouse looking as if he has a flower tucked behind his ear – obviously not afraid to show his feminine side – and he embroiders too! They do say that cats always stay kittens but I think that applies to some more than others. Our newest addition is a bit of a character – he too loves a cardboard box plus keyboards, a dripping tap and elastic bands.
    I’ve always had both dogs and cats but would have described myself as a ‘dog person’, however, I’m definitely becoming more of a ‘cat person’ as I get older.

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. He’s quite the photogenic kitty, with the confidence to wear flowers without a care in the world. I love all animals, though I grew up with cats. Your new kitty sounds like a sweetie. I remember you posting a few pics and how they made me smile.


  5. You and lovely Mr Mouse the Mighty! What a pairing! I’m so glad you have him to take up the space left by those so sweet recently departed girls. At seven he is kinda catching up with you – but will always stay a toddler at heart. Orlando likes to be carried around too – always has done and now he is older (11) gets quite stroppy if it doesn’t occur when he thinks it should……


    • Thank you, Pauline. It helps to soften the loss of the other cats when Mr. Mouse is so endearing. Lindy is a love, too, but she’s older and far more mellow. She’s the Yin to his Yang. She sleeps in the closet for a good part of the day, though now that the temps have climbed, she goes out and naps on the back porch. She’s a sweetie. So Orlando is 11. He’s got lots of good years left in him, the lovely boy. He has the most amazing face. I know you adore him, almost as much as Siddy does. πŸ˜‰

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  6. Yes, I agree, two or three years old is about right! The Dowager’s cat has now returned home, and the house is strangely peaceful without the constant Mao, Mao, Mao, Mao, weaving around ankles, standing on my papers, demanding cuddles and telling me barefaced lies about the state of her food bowl. Although she didn’t leave clothes and toys around, there was an absolutely unbelievable amount of beige Siamese hair everywhere. It’s too quiet around here…


  7. I love all cats but I agree–some have bigger personalities than others, and Mouse’s may be the biggest of all! The photos are all so great. And thank you for writing about him when he is alive and well. I *hate* blog posts that are eulogies of dead pets . . . make me cry . . .


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Kerry. I know you’re a cat-lover yourself with an indeterminate number of kitties at the bowl each day. πŸ˜‰ I remember the personalities of all the cats that have come and gone in my life. It’s far nicer to be writing about them when they are alive and well.


  8. Mouse sounds like a very special cat, I feel like I know him from your delightful descriptions. How fun to have a “toddler” helping you out in the garden and brightening your day! The pictures are priceless.


    • Thank you, Karen! He is a character, much loved throughout the neighborhood. We joke that he’s part dog as he likes to follow us around the block when we go for an evening walk. I’ve tried getting video without much success. Perhaps one day.


  9. What an adorable, heart-warming post! I especially love the photo of Mouse “washing” your hair. So sweet and so joyful … thank you for the smiles!


    • Thank you, Lisa. I take so many photos of this cat. He’s always up to something. In the evenings he passes out on the couch, sometimes on my lap and sometimes stretched across both of our laps. Perhaps you’ll get to meet him one day.

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  10. What a sweet cat. I am sure he is total fun and I love all of his photos. You really are great at taking so many pictures of the things you love. You capture some lovely shots. I grew up with cats and love cats. I married a man who does not. Shame!! However he did love a certain little girl with big brown eyes and blond curls who loved cats and called him daddy. When she asked he caved. We got a female calico. I don’t know if you know anything about calico’s, I did not. What we learned is they are pretty stuck up. Her name was Fluffy. She did bond well with our daughter and tolerated the rest of the “staff”, but she was fairly stuck up. Beautiful to look at but no fun. Never played with a toy or asked for attention, NOTHING. Total bore. Her kidney’s failed and we had to put her down but she was not a great cat. I think Mouse is a great cat. Please give him a nose kiss from me. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you, Amy. He is a big sweetheart with many neighborhood fans. It’s quite fun and funny at times.

      I love taking pictures of the cats and the garden. I used to take pics of the boys, but then they grew up and will barely tolerate a snapshot. I hope that changes over time.

      I’ve never had a calico so I wasn’t aware that they are aloof. We’ve always had cats show up at the door or on occasion adopted them from a shelter. I’m glad to hear your husband is a softie. I had a Fluffy too, also quite reserved, so she wasn’t much fun for the boys. They adore Mouse and Lindy too, and Mr. Cat who used to visit and make himself at home. He was a character too.

      I will offer your nose kiss when he wakes up from his nap. Thanks for stopping by, Amy. I hope you had a terrific time with your daughter.


  11. Your photos of Mouse are so charming Alys! He is clearly a great character. Our dog is more a baby than a toddler… not difficult or attention-seeking, but very dependent on us, especially since our wolfhound died a couple of years ago. A real sweetie in any case! πŸ™‚


    • Oh, your poor sweetie misses his companion. I wonder if he’s worried that you’ll leave him now that his friend is gone, or do you think he’s always been that way? Animals are fascinating. We have several dogs in the neighborhood, and I enjoy greeting all of them. I also walk with a friend and her dog, Dylan. He’s a sweetie, too.


      • Our dog (Gina) came from an animal rescue centre about 11 years ago and was very very nervous at first – except when near to our big wolf hound; her big sister somehow made her feel safe, so when she was suddenly left alone she had to look to us more for assurance. Which is nice as she has become quite a softie and loves a fuss!


  12. What a fun post! I love the third photo down, with you holding onto Mouse while clearly trying to garden. I also love, and remember, the one of Mouse peering over the top of the chair. super fun photos!


  13. He’s lovely, your Mouse. Perfect green eyes to go with your garden. My cat also lived next door. When I heard his family was moving out I was in pain, but a few months later they asked me to foster him and, like Mouse and you, we’re inseparable.


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