Election Day in America

At long last, election day is here.

It’s been a long, contentious, embarrassing campaign. The stakes are incredibly high. But today, with my head held high, I will cast my vote for Hillary Clinton.

Our garage is a polling place once again. A line formed shortly before 7:00 and we’ve had a steady stream of voters ever since. It’s 8:20 am as I write this. Our polls close at 8:00 pm, and since we live in California, we are one of the last states to vote other than Hawaii.


Our garage, ready for voters


According to Google Maps, I have to travel 1 foot to my polling place. 🙂

I’ve been a bundle of nerves for days, but today I feel a sense of calm. We all get one vote and all votes count. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


These signs represent the diversity in our community

I wish my mom were alive to see it. She was a staunch defender of women’s rights and supported early candidates such as Shirley Chisholm. Mom died in 2008, a few weeks after we elected Barack Obama, but she’d slipped into dementia at that stage of her life so she never knew.

Shirley Chisholm said:

The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl.


Tremendous amounts of talent are lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.


You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.

She was a remarkable woman, ahead of her time.

Here are a few posts from fellow bloggers that I think you’ll enjoy.

America Votes! by Stacy P. Fischer of Visual Venturing

Loving Hands and Nasty Women by KerryCan of Love Those Hands at Home

And to tickle your funny bone, assuming you share my sense of humor, here are several clips from Randy Rainbow:10 Times Randy Rainbow Slayed the Election.  His beautiful voice and dead-on parodies have helped keep me sane.

Finally, why women are wearing white on election day.

Voting with my Votes for Women pin (thank you Laurie) while wearing a white dress

Let’s shatter this glass ceiling once and for all. Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough.


He’s wearing his white pant suit, but he’s not quite ready to face the day.











42 thoughts on “Election Day in America

  1. Good on you! You are so right that it is time a woman was in the White House (but then, from afar, I think that almost anyone would be better than Trump in the White House). Our ability to vote was such a hard fought right that I never take it for granted.

    I am intrigued by having a polling booth in your garage, and it raises lots of questions for me. Do you volunteer your place? Does having these smaller polling places mean there is more of them? Do you have electoral officials who run the procedure? In Australia compulsory voting makes the process quite a machine, and we have booths in schools, community halls and so on. There are usually queues of voters and lots of workers in the booths. So it is a very different experience. And I love the little Alys touches of the flowers and table cloth 🙂

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    • Anne, I agree. Trump has to be stopped. He’s a danger to us all. I’m feeling optimistic today. I hope it’s not misplaced.

      It’s shocking the number of young people who don’t or won’t vote in this country. Not voting is still a vote, anyway you look at it. So, here is how this came about. About a decade ago I received a phone call from our local Registrar of Voters. They were looking for more local places for polling and were considering garages in peoples homes. Since I’m well organized I was delighted to offer ours. They came and did an inspection to assure we had adequate lighting, electricity, and a safe place to vote. From there, they started requesting our garage. I receive a letter a few months prior to each election. Most years we have two, some years three depending on state and local runs for mayor, governor or senator in addition the the federal elections for president. There have been a few times when they request our space but don’t use it. I think it has more to do with the expected voter turnout which can be quite small in some cases. (Sad I know).

      I don’t understand whey everyone doesn’t vote. It’s been hard one, as you say, and is so important to any democracy. Do you think your mandatory voting is a positive thing?

      Thanks for noticing the table cloth and the flowers, Anne. Leave it to you to see that. We enjoy pampering the poll workers who are here from 6 am till 9 pm tonight. Mike picked up bagels and cream cheese this morning and we set out coffee and tea. I put out cookies this afternoon and reheated the tea water.

      I’ve never been in a position to work as a poll worker since my boys took a lot of my time, but two years from now they will both be off to college so I can volunteer then. Meanwhile we’ll continue to offer our garage as needed.

      The poll workers and the local inspector are volunteers (though they also receive a stipend of about $125 for the day). The electoral process relies on volunteers and paid workers. And on the subject of volunteering, my 16 year old son is helping sort ballots tonight from 7 till midnight. This year it’s a family affair.

      I’m so glad you asked.

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      • Thank you for that explanation, Alys. I love the idea that you can have a polling booth in such an ordinary space. As for mandatory voting, I do think it is a positive thing. However, i don’t think we get the same level of individual enthusiasm that you get in the States.

        I am watching the election live (handy to have it through daytime) and my heart is heavy. I can’t believe that Trump will win……you must be so concerned about what America will be like under his presidency.

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  2. We are watching, with crossed fingers – still remembering the shock when we heard Americans had voted Bush in a second time. I sure hope more sane Americans make it to the polls this time. Your garage makes a lovely polling place – I enjoyed reading your response to Anne about the process. Good Luck – and may the force be with you! 🙂

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  3. Oy. It’s 10:00 on the east coast and a nail biter. I’m getting in the shower and hoping for some good returns when I get out. Yeesh, what does it say about us that it’s even close? In any event, good for you for providing a polling place! You’ve got an hour to closing and I hope all goes well.

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  4. We are watching too. Gah! I feel sick to my stomach. I just watched our National News Anchor interview 3 prominate Republicans who are sickened by their candidate and are voting for Hillary. They also explained why. How I wish others on their team had shown that kind of leadership. I’m happy you’re able to make such a positive impact in your community. I don’t think I can tune in all night. The pundification of the whole thing makes my head spin. Let’s hope the morning brings good news for your family and the whole world. xo


  5. I’m a bundle of anxiety tonight and not sure I can sleep. I can’t watch. Terrified! I know too many who are voting Trump and cannot be swayed.:( I’m sticking with the Hallmark channel tonight. Checked to make sure my passport was current as well. We vote by mail here and can do it early. How wonderful that you have the polling at your home. Do be careful. People are getting a little nuts this year.


  6. My faith is shaken to the core, Alys, and I’m absolutely terrified. I fear an increase in hate crimes, bullying, sexual assaults and more, fomented by this man’s deplorable rhetoric. Guess he’s not claiming the system is rigged now. #LoveTrumpsHate

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  7. How sweet that you made your home a polling station which is evidence that you are passionate about justice.
    I am commenting when America has shocked the whole world by electing Trump. In my heart of hearts I was rooting for Hilary. I am not an American, but I believe that women are as competent to lead if not better if only they are given the opportunities. As a Zimbabwean I know how hard it is not to be given opportunities as a woman to show what you are capable of. I would not have wanted to influence how Americans should vote I only hoped that Americans were going to make a reality their values that every one is equal.
    I am sure Americans will be able to put the hate of the campaign behind and continue to work for the values they hold dear. My heart reaches out to you. If it was difficult for us thousand miles away it must have been worse for you seeing the events unfold.
    Like Hilary said in her speech yesterday we do not loose hope and not tire of working for the good of all.

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  9. I’m late to this conversation….and the positive worst has happened. I kept hoping Trump’s noise was just rhetoric, but the longer it goes on the worse it gets. Every day there is some new horror from him.


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