Art in the Mist: The CreARTfuldodger

You know how it goes. You follow a blogger who follows another blogger and before you know it, the three of you are walking on a beach in Victoria, BC.

Wilma and Boomdee, Victoria BC, August 17, 2014

Wilma and Boomdee, Victoria BC, August 17, 2014

Two years ago this month I met Wilma, the artist behind the blog creartfuldodger (CreArtful Dodger). When I returned to Victoria in June with Mike, Wilma drove into town to share a meal. She offered to pick us up at our hotel, and when I gave her the address she knew it well. Wilma’s daughter works at the same hotel. Serendipity!

Wilma with her art

Wilma with her art

Wilma is great company, a wonderful tour guide and an accomplished artist. Over dinner, she surprised me with the gift of this inspired bird collage.

Knowing my love of Nigella aka Love in a Mist, she used an original, 1900’s seed packet as the starting point. She incorporated airmail stickers and stamps, also my favorites and created a tag using a vintage book cover. It’s beautiful and thoughtful. She also included my initial on the gift bag, a charming addition.


Creartfuldodger: Layered seed packet, postage stamp, mailing labels and other ephemera. The green image shows detail from the back of the tag

Wilma writes:


It is truly hard to resist!

Perhaps Alys will remember, with pleasure, her stay,

And return again one fine day. – Wilma Millette, Creartfuldodger

With great pleasure, Wilma. Love and thanks.



41 thoughts on “Art in the Mist: The CreARTfuldodger

  1. That is a sweet little collage. Nothing like a meal with creative people. The conversations are never dull. Serendipity always seems to play a large part in your life. You are so open to it that it just flows. It’s nice that Mike was there to enjoy as well. How very thoughtful of her to work from your fondness of Love in the Mist. Someone was paying attention.

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    • Marlene, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you! I think being open to things does bring about serendipity. And I’ve certainly seen that in spades since I started blogging. I’ll bet that has been true for you, too.

      June was my third visit to Victoria, but Mike’s first. I knew he would love it. He loves the water (likes to sail) and he enjoys open spaces, good restaurants and the charm of the downtown area. I would love to have a little cottage on the island, but like so many places, prices are now sky-high. We’re dreaming though.

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      • I felt the same way about Victoria. Loved it and would have stayed. Everyone was so nice. We can all dream. 🙂

        I love blogging but it’s so hard to read all the others posts and get anything else done. I don’t know how everyone else does it.


  2. Dear Alys
    This is lovely of you. The picture of K and I brought back fond memories. I am glad that you like the collage. I wanted to make one for you and your love in a mist post was so inspiring. I truly enjoyed our evening and your Mike is lovely. Next time stay longer and I will show you more of our beautiful island. Thank you also for sending me the books. I was inspired by the creative women. I am in the midst of reading the novel. It is coming with me “up island” as I head of for two days of mountain treking. Happy Gardening. I am glad my little peacock lives with you.


    • I love the collage, and have it hanging on the wall in our bedroom. You put so much thought into the piece, making it beautiful and personal. Truly inspired.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying both books. Have fun treking up island. We’ll definitely be back to see more.

      Your peacock says “hello!”

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  3. How lovely to get a visit again with Wilma and receive an original piece of her Art too. I love the composition and of course the colours. I recognize our restaurant too. HA, I thought I was the only one to eat the same thing over and over, but then of course we often seem in sync. Wilma looks so wonderful and fit, it’s the healthy eating from her garden and swimming in the ocean I think. Did you see all her hiking photo’s at FB in the ‘Giant Tree’ forest? The West coast is so beautiful and I sure hope to call it home one day.
    Your opening line today made me laugh. It’s sounds funny but so true. ❤ ❤ xo k


    • It was lovely seeing her this past June, and I remember the good times we had together in 2014. Can you believe it’s been two years already?

      Oh yes, you and me could eat at the same restaurant for months, ordering the same thing. I keep forgetting the name of this place, but remember how to walk there. Isn’t that a hoot?

      Wilma does look amazingly fit and healthy and I love her chic new hairdo. I missed the hiking photos, so I’ll go back and have a look OR I saw them, commented, then promptly forgot. Both scenarios are entirely possible. 😉

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    • It is indeed lovely and I am indeed lucky! There is so much goodness in the world, so much talent and creativity. By all means check out her work. She only posts once a week, so the commitment is a small one, and the delights are a treat.


  4. The most beautiful thing about this small gift is how personal it is. Those little details are so sweet and thoughtful, and lovely words to go with it too! 🙂


  5. How marvelous and what a great gift!! I love Wilma and her blog, her art is amazing. How nice to have ‘met’ the person behind it! Thank you Alys and I am happy you had a chance again to meet up! xo Johanna


    • Thank you, Johanna! I’m realizing more and more that I’m surrounded by talented artists. It’s extraordinarily enriching to see the work in process and to meet the artist behind it. I hope you and I will meet one day. I would love that.

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