Reporting From the Boomroom

I’m visiting my dear friend Boomdee in Alberta, Canada. She works for The Urban Scrapbook, and is on deadline for her monthly page layout.

with petals and petals in the boom room

Working her magic in the Boomroom with Petals the cat looking on

Urban provides a kit each month, filled with patterned and solid-colored paper, ribbon, and other embellishments. She kindly brought home a second kit of papers, so that we could make coordinating pages together. The “Urban Girls” create a layout for the store once a month.

My intentions were good, but when you’re sitting across from your Boomdee Bestie, artistic crafter extraordinary, it’s intimidating. I opted instead to watch her work and to record the process.

She started with a series of papers spread in front of her, and decided on a featured photo. Aren’t we adorable?

at the valemount lodge

On the steps of a friend’s log cabin

Using a stencil, she added Gesso to her base page,

Gesso and stencil

White circles stenciled on to heart patterned paper with Gesso

then splattered bits of black acrylic paint for texture and interest. From there she built up paper layers, starting with black card stock, then adding pink and a third layer of patterned paper.

After adhering the three layers together, she did something unexpected: she went to her sewing machine and laid down three rows of black stitching using buttonhole weight thread.

sewing the pages

Sewing black thread for texture and interest

Using a die cut of the word bliss, she cut one from a sheet of pink paper, then using the same die, she cut part of the actual photo. I love the effect. Using double-sided tape, she created a border on a white piece of paper, then added pink glitter. She attached the photo to the glittered frame, then offset two pieces of patterned paper for a layered effect. Meanwhile, she used spray dyes to color a piece of off-white seam binding, then stitched down the middle with the same black thread.

almost finished page

Almost done

She gathered the seam binding into a small puddle of sorts, then added a heart-shaped chipboard to the top.

The layering continued, using chipboard, crystal dots, glitter, unfolded and dyed paper cording and finally tissue paper.

I’ve been writing this in real-time over the last four hours, punctuated by a late-night snack and a glass of something with bubbles. We’re having fun and I’ve learned so much more by observing then if I had attempted a page on my own.

urban scrapbook page layout

The Reveal

I’ll write more about my visit when I’m home next week. Mike and the boys are in San Jose keeping the cats fed and the birdbaths full. I miss them of course, but I’m having a wonderful time. As luck would have it, my hosts have a pair of cats of their own.

pair of black cats

Blossum and Petals

You can see more of Boomdee’s work at Boomdeeadda and The Urban Scrapbook where she writes a bi-monthly column, Kelly’s Korner.

Nuvo Crystal Drops

BoBunny paper line










45 thoughts on “Reporting From the Boomroom

  1. My goodness what a spectacular layered masterpiece. So interesting that you chose to observe and record. It is not often that we get to witness the creative process of others from start to finish, and in her Boomroom to boot. Sounds and looks like you are having a great visit together. 😍

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  2. Hi hon, it’s fun to see photo’s from Saturday night and now you know the mode of silliness that goes into my monthly Urban Challenge. I’m glad you weren’t bored to pieces. back in the AM to comment since I keep falling asleep xoxo K

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  3. I bet it’s just wonderful to see the process happening, isn’t it Alys – Our Boomdee has such an eye for colour and form and making sure every centimetre holds something beautiful.and special. What a treat for you! I’m so glad you two are having such a great time together – it will fly past so thanks for making time to include us in some of the fun today. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Pauline, it really is. She does have a great eye and pays attention to every detail. The layers of color and texture come together beautifully. Further, these aren’t really her colors, so I admire her ability to create from materials she wouldn’t generally choose herself. That takes thought and skill.

      It was wonderful chatting via Skype. Your warmth shines through across the miles. I adore you. xo


    • Thank you Mama P, I wish we could come learn some painting techniques from you. If you lived here, Urban Scrapbook would scoop you up in a heartbeat. We so love to have artists come and offer their techniques. I was so happy to hear you and see you Sunday night. I miss you ❤ xo K

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    • Thank you, Kerry. We’re having a great time together. I feel so welcome here with her lovely husband Jim and the cute kitties all making me feel at home. It’s been great getting away. The boys (Mike and our teens) have had fun too, watching scary movies, going out to eat, etc. while mom is away.

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  4. Well, I saw the pictures and read the directions but still wouldn’t be able to come up with something that incredible. I was delighted to see the little aqua sewing machine out and working. :)) It just fits there. Petals looks like she wants to get in on the art work too. I’m delighted to see you two having such a fun time playing with your toys together and sharing nicely. :)) Can life get any better? Doubt it. Enjoy, enjoy. Hugs to you both and pets to Blossom and Petals.


    • Marlene, I heard the wonderful story of the little aqua machine. You’re a delight!

      Like you, I wouldn’t know where to begin. It was fun watching her in action though, and I’ve learned a lot. We went to Urban Scrapbook today and I met some of her coworkers. I bought a set of acryclic stamps, and I’m determined to come home and do something new with them. Wish me…courage.

      Hugs right back your way.

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      • I had it advertised on Craigslist for about 5 minutes when my brain screamed at me that the machine belonged to our favorite aqua queen. 🙂 So I took it off Craigslist right away. I have a lot of stamps. Brand new, bought in the early 2000’s. Interested? :)) Will I ever use them??? Keep having fun.

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  5. Boomdee is the Leonardo of craft papers. I couldn’t even begin to compete, so don’t blame you for documenting instead, and look what we got for it! I hope you’re having a fabulous time. The picture is great! Hi to Boomdee!

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    • Hi Lisa! I hope your heatwave is in decline. It’s warm here too, but quite dry. It’s so different from home. I judge the humidity by the wave in my hair. It’s laying low right now. Conversely, if I travel to Hawaii everyone thinks I’ve curled my hair. Funny that.

      I’m glad I documented the process and honestly had just as much fun. I followed her around, asked questions, looked up links to some of the products she used and admired her creativity.

      I will tell her hello, but suspect she’ll be by later as well. xo

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    • It was great fun. Adding to the merriment, and sadly no photos, were the two kitties filtering in and out. At what point I turned around and kitty was sitting on a stack of suitcases looking over my shoulder. I could have written an entire post on those two adorable cats. They made me feel right at home.


    • Sheryl, it was a wonderful time that passed far too quickly. We have so much fun together. Alberta is vast and beautiful. I can’t wait to return and see more of it.

      As for watching her craft, it’s amazing. Such a pleasure to see it all unfold.


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