Happy Easter

fairy garden with ceramic bunny

Spring in the fairy garden

easter flowers in ceramic chick

Treasures from the garden

pair of pink cosmos

Pink cosmos with a sunshine center

For those who celebrate, Happy Easter.

20 thoughts on “Happy Easter

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  3. Giggle ! Your little bunny fits exactly on her wee garden chair 😀 That makes me smile. I see another gift in this sweet vignette, you’re adorable hon. Did you paint those little eggs down in bunnies garden? She’s a rescued critter courtesy of the Antique Mall. I spotted her on a shelf, very unassuming amongst the brick-a-brac and thought she’d like to live in California and LOOK! You’ve helped her dream come true <3. I love that she's part of your garden today xoxox
    I can't help envy that your Easter garden looks like the lovely magazines I see on the shelves while ours is still grey with bare trees, pout pout. Such a cute little chick adorned with your garden posies. I love the cubby cheeks. I'm surprised Sharon hasn't snuck it away being that it's her favourite colour. Guess what? I also bought myself something for the fairy garden that day, now you've totally inspired me. Happy Easter dearest, loving hugs sent your way xoxoxo

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    • You’ve sent me some wonderful fairy garden treasure over the years, each one so perfect. I love this willow chair, the lantern and the newest addition of Ms. Bunny. The little ceramics next to the chair used to hold candles. They were the smallest candle imaginable and came in a set of six. I saved them for the fairy garden and they’ve just now made their debut.

      Thank you for all your kind words. I wish you could garden sooner and longer like we do. I’ve come to realize how lucky we gardeners are living in California, with our warm weather and fertile soil.

      Nichole gave me that little chick several years ago. I love bringing it out this time of year and have fun filling it with little bits of color from the garden.

      So what did you buy for your fairy garden? Can’t wait to see it.

      Happy Easter, xoxo

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      • I tried to get some plants today. The one place I thought might have tropicals was closed. I went to two Grocery Markets and had no luck there either. I guess I’ll have to wait. I can’t say what I bought since that would ruin the suspense, tee-hee. ❤ ❤ xo


    • Oh yes! Spring is bursting at the seams here around every corner. I love the smells, the sounds, the color, all of it. Even the longer days are nice, though I grouse about the time change every year.


  4. Happy Easter, Alys! While I am woefully behind on blogs, FB, and other things, I did see that Mac was injured. How is he feeling? Hopefully he is in much less pain.
    Have a beautiful, Easter day, Alys.
    Love you!


    • Thank you, Laurie. Happy Easter to you, too. I love the photo you posted of your little one with the Easter Bunny. So cute.

      M is doing better, though he’s not healing as fast as I thought he would. Nothing’s broken, but he’s really jarred his shoulder and arm. Time, rest, ibuprofen. Thank you for asking.

      Love and hugs, xox


  5. That little bunny is so happy sitting on the chair, enjoying the sunshine. The leaves behind her are just the right scale too ~ not too large to be overwhelming. It is as adorable and quirky as ever. Thank you. x x

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