We Have Flowers

A loving father and his precious son.

“We have flowers.”

purple flowers

Sweet Peas and Love-in-a-Mist


8 thoughts on “We Have Flowers

  1. Loved your vase of flowers and especially the sweet peas. Are those Sharon’s mix still? That’d really be something, they’re only annuals here. I really got behind at Nirvana, yesh! I think I know which post you were trying to share even though I can’t watch it here. I saw the little boy and his father first on FB in my timeline, then on our National news. What a good dad. He was honest, yet assuring, calm and loving. Since you can’t ever be prepared for what children say, you know it’s coming straight from his heart. Beautiful xo K


    • Those are indeed Sharon’s/Petals’s sweet peas, but the photo isn’t new. They died back after our first heat wave last summer. They’re so pretty though, that it was worth having them throughout the spring. I love them!

      Yes, I’m not sure why even the new link isn’t working, but it’s the little boy and his dad. He was all those things: honest, reassuring, calm and loving. xox

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