National Cat Day

A few of my friends let me know that today is National Cat Day.  Of course every day is cat day around here. We currently reside with three delightful felines. On occasion, that number has swelled to six. It never drops below two. Once we went to the Humane Society and adopted a cat, but most of the time the cats find us. They’re all former strays, or occasionally kitties that decide we offer better care, kibble and karma than they’re finding at home. Everyone is welcome.

I love all animals but I’ve always had a strong affinity for cats, probably because it’s what we grew up with.

Here is the current lineup:

Slinky is our senior cat, or so we think. She arrived as a somewhat feral stray. It took a long, long time to gain her trust, but she’s made remarkable strides over the years. She’s a tiny thing at only six pounds (3 kilos), with shiny silky black fur that shines in the sun and beautiful, albeit weary, green eyes.

slinky looking leery

Slinky looking leery

Lindy came home with us from the Humane Society on our son’s 8th birthday. She was around three then, putting her at 13 today. My husband says she’s part dog, because she comes when called, displays all the mellower characteristics of a dog and at 16 pounds (7 kilos), she’s bigger than some of the pooches on our street.

lindy with catnip

Lindy with my son

Mighty Mouse (named by the family that adopted him) pretty much lives at our house. He’s about five years old, full of energy and makes us smile with all his antics. It’s hard for me to understand why he’s allowed to roam, but we do our best to keep him safe, warm and fed. He spends his nights in a cozy bed in our garage or in my son’s room. He eats here, sleeps here and likes to play and “box” with Lindy. She puts up with him, and keeps him in line when necessary.

mouse on my back

This photo exemplifies Mouse’s personality

We adore them one and all.

Do you live with a cat? A dog? Perhaps birds, fish or reptiles? I can’t imagine life without animals. They make my world go round.

Happy National Cat Day!

My Cat Hero:

Alicia Snelen Koberstein has spent most of this year promoting understanding about, and support for, a colony of feral cats who live on the shores of “Cat” Harbor on Catalina Island. She’s coordinated volunteers to help trap, neuter and return this colony of cats, in addition to providing medical care where needed. She’s arranged boats, coordinated flights to relocate a few of the high-risk cats to a sanctuary, while raising funds for food, shelter and veterinary care. She’s my hero.

If you’re interested in supporting this colony of cats, you can make a tax-deductible financial contribution, go to and click “Donate”. When you reach the page to confirm the amount, look for the link that says “add special instructions to recipient”. Click on that, then type “Cat Harbor Cats” so that your donation will be directed to them instead of going into the general fund.


19 thoughts on “National Cat Day

  1. Oh, what a lovely trio of felines you have, Alys! Just laughed out loud at the photo of Mighty Mouse and love the pure joy in your face. ❤️

    There’s really nothing better than having a pet! I have a 15-year-old miniature pinscher named Brandy who is blind and mostly deaf. She spends her days tucked into a bed in the corner of my family room couch, steps away from me and my desk. Her signal that she needs something is simply to stand up and look around, and I come to her rescue 🙂


  2. I miss an animal and you are correct. They add so much to your life. I will just have to continue enjoying others animals and contributing to shelters. At least for now. Your feline friends know a soft heart when they spot one. 🙂 We didn’t have pets growing up and my mother was terrified of cats so we didn’t even come close to one. When you drift all over the world, pets usually don’t come as part of the package. Happy Cat day. 🙂 You have a wonderful menagerie.


    • Marlene, I completely understand. I lived in rentals for years and animals of any kind were usually forbidden. I always found ways to interact with others. There was a fabulous cat named Cesar when I attended San Jose State many years ago. I would go out of my way to cross campus in such a way that I could greet him each day. That cat lived to be 25! We used to visit “shop” cats at Summer Winds Nursery, bookstores and even the cats I encountered on walks. I keep dog treats in my garage and offer them up when allowed. When you love animals, they find you in many ways.

      Thanks for supporting animal shelters. I can remember a couple of cat rescues you took part in too. You’ve got a good heart, Marlene, managing to put aside your own upbringing of fearing cats to give them love and care. xox

      Liked by 1 person

      • We didn’t understand why mom was afraid of cats because we weren’t. It didn’t make sense until I took her for hypnosis. I had been afraid she would run in front of a car to get away from then. It wasn’t a dislike, it was a morbid fear. Hypnosis uncovered the root and though she was never fond of them, she stopped being deathly afraid of them. I got a cat for my daughter when she was young. Had to leave her with the first husband. My apartment wouldn’t take them or my dog. It took a lot to make me leave them behind.


        • Oh, Marlene, the idea of leaving your animals behind breaks my heart. You’ve lived through many emotional challenges. That had to be tough.

          As for our mom, thank goodness you could get to the root of her fear. Poor thing. I’m glad the hypnosis helped unearth the root of the problem. It wouldn’t surprise me if many of our “dislikes” turned out to be fear-based. Sending a big hug your way. xox

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  3. I love to see photos of your cats and the little stories that accompany them. I would have at least one more if I had room – and a bigger bed! I won’t bore you with tales of my boys – I’ll just say they add a dimension to life which is health-giving and happiness raising. I am considering taking Siddy to a local old folks home for visits. We walk past it every day and more and more of them are lined up at the windows to wave and smile as we go by ….. isn’t that the loveliest thing! [See I couldn’t help myself, I had to tell a tale!]

    I think your kitties have found themselves the best possible home!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • You never bore me, Pauline. In fact I doubt that could ever be possible. They do add a wonderful dimension to life, something we can all benefit from. A friend is working on a Phd on using animals with prisoners to improve overall health. Makes sense to me.

      I’m delighted with your story of seniors at the window waving to Siddy. That is the loveliest thing…beside you.


  4. I had no idea I’d missed National Cat Day, but luckily, as at your home, every day is cat day here. These two munchins of ours are pampered to an inch of their life. I’ve seen a little plaque somewhere that praises dogs then says “Cats think they have staff”. It makes me laugh because it’s so dang true. I know each of Petals meows by heart: up, down, treats now, pet me now. Notice how she doesn’t meow “please”? She’s so bossy and assertive. Blossum’s a little quieter but thinks I should be fetching her dinner every time I’m in the kitchen, the only saving grace is that her meows are softer and less bossy. They certainly all have a personality don’t they? Mr Mouse seems like he’d be a TV star if he was human 😀 I’m picturing Bill Murray or someone like that. Kind of a rumply guy, but doesn’t seem aware of it.
    Hooray for kitties and all their loving mommys and daddys! xox k


    • I love hearing about your kitties. Bossy, yes! Assertive, yes! Even my timid Slinky has come into her own and has Mouse intimidated. It’s hilarious given that he’s a decade younger and more than twice his size. She’s made it clear that my legs are currently her territory. LOL

      Yes, every day is Cat Day…as it should be.

      I have that sign in my entryway by the way: “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” If it is true anywhere, it is certainly true. here. xox

      And yes: Mouse has already asked if Bill Murray would play him in his upcoming film *I Am Mouse, Hear Me Roar*

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      • Slinky took the scenic route to ‘happily-ever-after’, but I’m so happy she’s finally arrived. Who know’s what dastardly deeds fell in her path? Who could blame her for being protective of what she’s now found, the love she waited for so long.

        Funny that! You have that sign? I must have read it along the way. ‘Staff’ we shall be then. We just watched the morning news here and they featured a little dog for adoption. He was so so so adorable, I want to go get him *right now*. Just a puppy, one eye blue and one eye brown. He saw himself on the monitor and tried to ‘ruff’ but didn’t even know how yet. If dogs have owners, it’s only because they own your heart forever. xox


        • Dogs are family members, protectors and lovers. They live for your love and praise, love you unconditionally and could teach us all a thing or two about life. I’ve loved the ‘borrowed’ dogs in my life over the years, Karen’s dog Dylan who I walked with in healthier times. Laura’s sweet dog who has since passed, and Jasmin’s dog Bruno who shared our fence until he passed last year. That’s the hard part about loving them, isn’t it?

          Slinky clearly had a hard life. I’m so glad she’s with us now, and feel in a way that my surgery and long recovery are a gift to her. She spends 23 hours a day on the couch. I came across a recent photo of her that reminded me that she moved indoors three years ago. What a happy day that was.

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