Controlling Mosquitos Naturally

Great advice for naturally repelling mosquitoes. Thanks, Betsy!

What's Green with Betsy?!?

Along with the cookouts, volleyball games, hiking, camping and other glories of summer come mosquitoes and ticks.  But pesticides or products containing DEET, are associated with a variety of health problems ranging from dizziness to seizures with children being particularly susceptible. There are several safer and effective alternatives.

Natural Repellents

A garlic spray in your yard provides excellent control.  Garlic has natural sulfur which repels insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and even black flies, yet does not harm humans, pets, bees, butterflies or plants. Mosquitoes are soft-bodied insects and garlic juice is toxic to them in increased concentrations. Mosquitoes are also extremely odor sensitive and garlic can repel them for up to a month or more, as long as they can still detect an odor. Farmers have been using garlic for generations. Organic based landscaping or pest control companies often offer a garlic spray or you can buy a product called Garlic…

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5 thoughts on “Controlling Mosquitos Naturally

  1. Interesting, I’d never heard of that before. The link at Garlic Barrier seems to be only for USA sales but I looked up a Canadian supplier of a similar product. It’s been so dry here, we’re not getting the usual amount of mosquito’s but they’re still a nuance after the sun goes down. Do you have many in California, I never noticed them at all.


    • We get the worst of them in the spring at dusk. I’ve been out doing gardening work at that time, as it dawns on me they’re biting. Because it’s been so dry, like you ironically, we haven’t had a problem this year.

      I’m intrigued by these ideas, though.


  2. Alys, it’s been so long since I visited your blog!
    So I read 3 posts, “liked” them and am commenting here.
    The pillows are so pretty and hopefully squirrel resistant (looks like the swing cover is surviving!).
    I did not know about the garlic remedy! Too bad we can’t use that on ourselves. Well, we could but we might lose some companions temporarily 🙂
    The magazine post was great. Thanks for giving me permission to not hang on to them. Love the bus stop idea!!
    Are we all on for a skype session tomorrow?????
    So good to be here and “hear” your voice!


    • Thanks for reading and commenting and liking, too. You must be going a thousand miles a minute. Glad you found the magazine post helpful. I’ll send an email to the group regarding a Skype. Check for it there. I hope it works out.


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