Turning Lemons into…Dinosaurs

Our lemon tree is covered with flowers again, promising another banner crop later this year. What I didn’t expect was this:

baby dinosaur lemon tree
It seems our enterprising tree has given birth to a baby dinosaur.

Thank you in advance for keeping your congratulatory comments to a dull roar. We don’t want to wake the baby.

Is there any ‘funny business’ happening in your world today?

35 thoughts on “Turning Lemons into…Dinosaurs

  1. No dinosaur lemons yet, but…….I had a little lemon tree, nothing would it bear…..the snow came and froze it, and it disappeared. That was about 3 years ago. After hiding for 3 seasons, it has suddenly produced a shoot, one lonely shoot this year. I am astonished. Maybe dinosaurs next year!


  2. ? I guess that’s not the usual start to a new lemon ? Having only seen lemons in the market, I couldn’t identify a lemon tree if my life depended on it. Well, not until it was full of lemons of course. California is such a magical place. Does your Lemon tree have blooms in the spring? Like the Cherry trees. Maybe the bloom blew off and the stigma is left ? It’ll be interesting to see what transpires.


    • Hello sweetness. It’s funny what we take for granted when things are all around us. Lemon trees are so common place here. A local restaurant had a sign asking people to bring in lemons from there trees in exchange for a free lunch. I’m wondering if they are harder to come by this year?

      I’m going to write a post on the tree. It started to bloom when we were in DC. The flowers are short lived but so fragrant. It won’t produce fruit until the fall, but all these flowers promise a banner crop.


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  3. Well, if anyone can grow something that has been extinct for 65 million years, it has got to be you. I’m guessing all you’d need is the fingernail cutting of a person and you could grow a human being as well.
    I’m not surprised.
    But as always, in awe.

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    • You are hilarious! I did grow a couple of human beings, but like you, I went the old fashioned route. I love your vote of confidence though. I wish I could grow some extra water around here. Now that would be something.


  4. I’m with Boomdee ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t have known this was unusual if you hadn’t posted it! So, is this the start of a lemon? And what do you do with your lemons? Lemonade? Lemon meringue pie? Both? I can’t grow anything to save my life. The last thing I tried growing was basil and all I ended up with was an infestation of Japanese beetles ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Oh, bummer about the infestation. If you enjoy eating or cooking with basil, you can grow it indoors. A nice pot in a window and you’re set to go.

      I use lemons for cleaning, decorating and sliced in a glass of water. I’m trying to remember to drink lemon water every day, as it is wonderful for digestion. I love the look and smell of a big bowl of lemons on the counter or table, too. And as your lemons start to fade, cutting them into pieces and throwing them down the garbage disposal with a handful of ice cubes will clean and deodorize the drain.

      As for this picture, the flower petals have dropped off and what you see at the bottom is the potential for fruit. Not all of the flowers will fruit, which is true of all trees, but those that do will continue to get larger, but will remain green until they are full-sized. Then they turn yellow.


      • Okay, you’ve convinced me. I’m definitely going to put a bowl of lemons out in my kitchen, Alys! As for the basil, no kitchen window ledge to put it on. Hmmm, maybe if I put a pot on my screen porch … ๐Ÿ˜€


        • Hurray for bowls of lemons. You’ll love the smell and the cheer they bring to your home.

          Yes…basil on a screened porch sounds like a great idea. They grow quickly and produce an amazingly sweet, tasty addition to each meal.

          Here is what I learned the first year. Keep pinching back the leaves and do not allow it to flower. Once they flower, the flavor goes out of the leaves because the plant starts to direct all the energy to the blooms. They’re so pretty in bloom, so it was hard to pinch them back.


  5. What a fun read first thing in the morning. Even if I’m late to the game. It’s a reminder that we need to really look at things. And it helps if you bring your funny bone with you while you look. ๐Ÿ™‚


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