Bloggers, Cherry Blossoms, and Memorials

It will take some time to digest all the wonderful experiences of this past ten days, but I wanted to share Lisa’s perspective on our last two days in D.C. Lisa acted as our guide through the Washington Mall, enhancing our remarkable experience. Thank you, Lisa.


In the past week, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people whose blogs I follow. It’s been amazing. They came from nearby in Virginia as well as California, Canada, and New Zealand. We began with a lunch party organized by Laurie of Life on the Bike who then whisked Alys, Kelly, and Pauline away to Radford for a few days.

The blossoms that have their own festival! The blossoms that have their own festival!

On their return to DC, they wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms down at the Tidal Basin, so I met them at their hotel in Dupont Circle and proceeded to walk their legs off. First we visited Einstein at the National Academy of Sciences. Since I work nearby, Einstein is often a lunch companion in good weather.

Kelly had some things to impart to Einstein.  He seems to be listening. Kelly had some things to impart to Einstein. He seems to be listening.

Then Alys took this photo of Pauline, me and Kelly schmoozing with the great man. Then Alys took this photo of Pauline, me and Kelly schmoozing with the great…

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14 thoughts on “Bloggers, Cherry Blossoms, and Memorials

  1. What a wonderful experience for you all. Loved the pictures of DC and of you all together. Thank you so much for sharing a part of your journey with us. Glad you are home safe and sound with beautiful memories to cherish.


  2. Alys, I did not realize until I read Lisa’s post that you had such a wonderful tour guide those last two days. Lovely! And you got to meet Albert, too!
    What an adventure!


  3. Just saying hello to all of you catching your proverbial breath. Read the original post and sounds like you had an excellent tour guide and new friend. Yes, that trip will take some time to soak into your cells. I love traveling but coming home always feels so good too. Hugs. M


  4. How nice of the cherry trees to bloom just for your visit. And what an inspiring visit among the monuments with your dear blogger friends. I can’t wait to hear more about the trip.


    • Thank you, Mary Elizabeth. The trip was extraordinary, top to bottom and everything in between. I was pretty tuckered out by the end. I miss the stamina of my youth. It was a joy to spend time with these women.


  5. It must have been incredible to catch up with your blogging friends — lots of chatting and laughter, and obviously lots of walking and photo taking! You heart must have sung to be surrounded by them all, as well as all those cherry blossoms.


  6. The photographs are beautiful Alys, the cherry blossom is glorious, I am happy for you and all your experiences of connecting with fellow bloggers.There is no doubt it is an experience of a life time. Enjoy.


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