Word of the Year

I love the idea of choosing a word of the year. Unlike new year’s resolutions which seem doomed to failure, I like the transformative qualities of a single word.

This past year I chose serendipity, or serendipitously, the word chose me. You can read about that process here.
According to Wikipedia,

Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”. It was coined by Horace Walpole in 1754. In a letter he wrote to a friend Walpole explained an unexpected discovery he had made by reference to a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip. The princes, he told his correspondent, were “always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of”.

As you know, once you focus on a word, theme or idea, you find examples of it everywhere. All year I noticed serendipity at play. It was energizing, so much so that I’ve decided to elevate it to word of the decade. I’m not letting that gem go!

2015 Word of the Year

I’ve chosen connections as my word of the year.

To connect is to:

bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

For my part, I like the idea of bringing people and ideas together in a positive way. The notion that a whole is more than the sum of its parts is appealing. The amazingly unexpected connections made through blogging gives me hope. Life is good. People are good. I will look for and make positive connections throughout the year.

How about you? Do you set your intentions for the new year? Do you choose a word or a mindset or a series of goals?

Please share in the comments below.


23 thoughts on “Word of the Year

  1. Me + You = Connected!

    You have brought me so much joy this year, that words cannot express it enough how happy it makes me! Thank you for our “connection” through blogging and for me finding a forever friend! Hugs, Val


  2. The only word I can possibly choose for 2015 is “moving”.
    We are moving back to our home town to live in the family home I’ve inherited. The move will require several stages. Moving out of our Northern California rental house of 21 years, where we raised our kids. Clearing my family home for renovations. Moving to a hotel during the remodel that will accommodate Robert’s wheelchair. Moving things into temporary storage for access during transition. Moving into the fresh, remodeled home in Fullerton.

    We’ve moved a lot over the years. My husband was an Army officer and we moved eight times in a dozen years. You would think I would have this wired, but this move is harder. Moves can be both the end and the beginning.
    It can all be good.

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    • Mary Elizabeth, you have an action-packed and no doubt exhausting year ahead. I know the end result will be extraordinary, but having remodeled with two young children in the house, and knowing your additional challenges with Robert I know it will be a trying time.

      Perhaps I can help a little on this end. I’ll send you a private message soon.

      Three cheers to new beginnings.


  3. I very much like your word for 2015 ‘Connections’. I feel connected to it already! 🙂

    It is also I think a word that readily springs to mind when I think of you – it seems to be your ‘raison d’etre’ You are so often in the midst of gatherings and groups and events that bring people together. It seems that people want to be around you. Now I am thinking about it, it seems to me not so much your ‘word of the year’ but more ‘the word that partly describes who you are’. Does this inane ramble make any sense to you?

    I have two words for 2015. My first word is ‘Create’ and I chose it back in August when I decided I would sign up for and undertake a year long mixed media course with the intention of arriving out the other end with some skill and capacity and confidence in my ability. 🙂 I’ve had the word on my art room wall for some two years now and it has taken this long for it to really take root.

    More recently the second word became apparent – this is what I wrote down a couple of weeks ago: ” ‘Breathe’ which means go with it, let go of control, open yourself to adventure, meetings, connections and dreams coming true. Just breathe.” 🙂

    Happy New Year Alys xoxo

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    • Pauline, your words are never inane nor do you ramble. Yes, it does makes sense and I’m flattered that you think this way of me.

      I’ve just come from your blog, and appreciate the ping back. I’m tickled to hear that you’ve chosen the word ‘Create’ for the coming year. Now that you’ve settled in to your garden cottage, signed up for your class, and assisted in peace-making with the four-legged family members.

      Breathe, Create, Settle. All fabulous words to live by. I’m looking forward to sharing in your year ahead.


  4. That’s a nice idea for focusing on something positive Alys. In the past I have occasionally chosen a word or motto for the year, but I haven’t given it any thought at all this year…. I’d better put my thinking cap on quick! Have a lovely New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year!


  5. I don’t usually plan anything or make intentions. I am one of life’s drifters. But I do like this idea of choosing a theme word. Connections is a great word. Do you remember those connect the dot puzzles? I loved them as a child. We are drawn to connections. Here’s to lots of connection with your blog!


  6. Connections…a lovely word, Alys. Especially when you explain it;0)
    I never have set intentions because my live is always marked by unexpected changes and thank goodness mainly good ones. So I do have a little motto , a Chinese proverb that says: ‘Always expect the unexpected’ ;0) But come to think of it..Mindfullness will be a good word for me since I would start my course Mindfullness in January. ove that word too! Well, Happy New years Eve from Johanna!


    • Hi Johanna. That’s a lovely proverb and fitting for most of life, isn’t it?

      Mindfulness is a terrific word and a great mindset. I would like to embrace that more and more as well. I know the practice of it; now I need to actually put it into practice.

      Happy New Year! It’s almost here.


  7. Do you have any idea how many connections you are responsible for?? I read your blog, found Boomdee and several others which let me to more. I start reading your followers because they must be good people to be visiting you. I have so many new friends now and never need to leave home. Of course you all come with me when I do. In every conversation I tell anyone who will listen about the vast world I’ve uncovered of genuinely terrific people. Connections is kind of what you do dear heart.
    I have chosen my by necessity. This will be the year of organization. An ongoing project. My son made me laugh telling me he watches episodes of hoarders while he packs his house. It’s helped him release a great deal of stuff he was keeping for sentimental reasons but no longer served him. We will work on organization together once he gets here. Thanks for being you. I brag on you a lot like you were one of my own. Even my kids know who Alys is. 🙂

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    • Marlene, do *you* have any idea how moved and overjoyed I am reading this? You’ve touched me to my core. Thank you from the center of my being.

      I’m delighted to hear that you’ve found other kindred souls through blogging. It’s quite remarkable, isn’t it, how we connect and connect and connect. I agree, too, that like attracts like and we tend to find others with similar approaches to life but with a unique take. I love it!!!

      The year of organization is a good one. Now that you’re feeling settled and staying put, it will probably be easier. Pauline recently blogged about this (and I”m pretty sure you commented), letting go of anything extraneous. It’s liberating and freeing in so many ways, but its not without its challenges, too.

      The imagine of your son watching hoarders to help him let go of things made me chuckle. Great idea!

      Once again, I’m humbled to think you would brag about me as if I were your own. You’ve made my day, my week, and my year…and it’s only January 5th. xoxoxoxoxooxoxxo


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