Postage Stamp Giveaway: Stamps on the Move

If you took part in my August postage-stamp giveaway, please keep an eye on your mailbox. Packets of postage are in the mail. Soon they’ll be making their way to different parts of the world.

cambrian post office

Our neighborhood post office, though the extra spacing makes it appear to be “United Post, States Office”.

It was incredibly therapeutic going through Daddy’s stamp albums.  I really took notice of the small details.  He wrapped some stamps in cello paper, others not.  In a few places, he added his own section for additional stamps for a particular country, something I hadn’t noticed before. My dad had a meticulous hand so it was easy to overlook. Some countries issued the same stamp in five or six colors. A few were over-stamped with the word “service” in black ink, another new discovery.

It’s fun for me to contemplate the stamp’s trajectory.  Dad started his collection in England. He continued to collect while living in Darjeeling, India, then moved with his albums to Seaforth, Ontario Canada. They traveled with him one more time to Millbrae, California before he died.

Of course the original stamp traveled its own path. At some point someone in Egypt affixed a postage stamp to a letter and mailed is somewhere else. That destination remains a mystery.

The stamps are on the move again, though ironically the postage used to mail them is a computer-generated label. Times have changed.

packets of postage

Signed and sealed with custom forms at the ready

I never acquired Daddy’s love for collecting stamps, but I’ve always enjoyed their individual beauty. I rarely buy ordinary ‘flag’ stamps, the utilitarian postage you might receive from a place of business. I choose flowers, writers, movie stars, cartoon characters, whatever might be new and interesting.

International Postage

Packets of postage are on their way to:

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Duncan, BC, Canada

Dunedin, New Zealand

Mt. Brydges, ON, Canada

Santa Clara, California

and a few bookmarks head to:

Tasmania, Australia

Victoria, Australia

I’m  happy to share them with you.

postage bookmarks


postage stamp cards

A few notecards

Postage Table

I came up with one more way to honor my dad with the remaining stamps: I’m going to collage a small table top.  Stay tuned for details. I have a few things to work out before I get started.

Thanks for your gracious and loving comments on my original post. My heart is full.

20 thoughts on “Postage Stamp Giveaway: Stamps on the Move

  1. I love that you call your father ‘daddy’ still. I love that your love for him shines through the years and across the miles! I’m very happy to hear some are heading this way – I have a little something waiting for them…………… And today the packet containing the so beautifully thought out ‘dangler’ contributions arrived. I loved opening each little packet and reading your notes and attachments. I have to figure out a way to get the words incorporated as well. Maybe my purchase of a laminating machine was particularly timely! So here I am once again thanking you for your wonderful generous spirit and glowing at you from afar ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxo

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    • Pauline, Sharon and I discussed that once. I guess since we still referred to him as ‘Daddy’ at the time, Daddy he’s always remained. It’s how I think of him so it flowed in this post. Thanks for noticing and caring. That means so much.

      I’m glad the little packet arrived. You never know when you mail something that small but hurray for package handlers, near and far. It took 12 days to make it to you. Not bad. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed them. I had just as much fun, if not more, choosing the right little gems. You’re going to have one amazing ‘dangler’ that is for sure. How many countries so far? Is it three?

      I’ve often admired the laminating machines myself, but since we can pop in to a teacher’s supply store and use the DIY laminator, I figure it’s one less thing to store in my non-craft room. In fact, I’ve recently lost even more real estate by relocating the printer so that the boys can get to it easier. They are using it more and more for school these days.

      So, while my desk is less cluttered, my craft space is really just a bit of storage right now. Last weekend I set up two folding tables in the entry way. My home certainly wasn’t guest-worthy, but I had fun and that’s what counts.

      I feel your warmth and glow and shine it right back at you (with sunscreen of course). 🙂 xoxo

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  2. Alys, I read this last night but had to wait till morning to comment. I love your dad! Any dad that can inspire that kind of love and devotion so many years later makes my heart full. What you have done with his collection is a version of scattering his ashes out into the world again. The stamps were part of him and now so many others get to share in his love. The bookmarks and note cards are delectable. I just couldn’t find the most delicious word to use. Each one a work of art. Yes, I’m gushing but I mean it. Who else would have thought of those things? Only you. I’m anxious to see the table. Who woulda thunk you could do such marvelous things with stamps??? I’m enlightened today. And looking at my own silly collection of leftover stamps I’ve kept over the years. Some are so pretty I hate to use them. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

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    • Oh, Marlene. Your comment made me smile and at the same time tear up just a bit. Thank you.

      I released all sorts of emotional baggage by letting these stamps go. And yes, a bit like scattering ashes, isn’t it? It was fun making the cards and bookmarks. I had a hard time getting started, but once I entered the ‘flow’ they came together. What’s not obvious from the photo, is that I used strips of stamps from the actual pages. They have a dry, crispness to them from all these years, and it seemed fitting to try to use them that way.

      The first book mark is simply an assortment of stamps in rainbow order (which I like too), but it was fun using the strips from his pages.

      As for your own stamps, check out Pinterest for a variety of ideas. I’ll bet you find one that suits you. It will be a great winter project for those rainy days, though with your new home, I suspect it will be along time before you run out of household projects. Thanks for coming by. I know how busy you are. xoxo

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  3. Dear Alys:
    What a lovely way to honor your dad and a hobby he loved. Two weeks ago, I found myself going through Aunt Jean’s stamp collection, and four days ago going through my daddy’s stamp collection. Between the two collections there are 1000’s of lovely squares…I see some paper crafting in my future.

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  4. As I read this post, I was wondering how I missed the first one (so glad you shared the link!). In looking at the date, I see now that I was on vacation. Your creations of book marks and notecards are really neat and a lovely way to honor your father’s passion. Can’t wait to see the tabletop!

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  5. Giving away your beloved father’s stamps is such a wonderful reflection of your generosity, Alys. How lovely to think of them finding a new home in far flung areas of the globe. And, collaging a small table top with the leftovers sounds grand. I, too, am so looking forward to seeing the end result. xoxoxox


  6. Good Morning my dear sweet friend. I was around last night and relished your post. I got a little teary thinking about how brave you are to let go of something so dear, I honestly don’t know if I could do the same. You’re generous heart knows no bounds. Not only are your dads stamps traveling far and wide, but a little piece of you too. I learn so much from you
    ((( Alys ))), I feel like I look at life with a more gentle eye since you came into my life, thank you for your beautiful friendship ❤ ❤ ❤ xo I really love the colours of the stamps in the Monogram cards. All oceanie (new word, HA) I bet I know where the 'P' is going :D, that's just gorgeous and frame worthy and she will flip. The colours are all a yummy vintage rainbow, just the way I love things. Really cute ideas hon and I can't wait to see your next project.

    Have you ever thought about what you'd like to leave and who you'd like to have certain things? Our wills manage the big picture and I hardly own any priceless treasures but I really should make note of some precious smaller things. I'm sure your dad never thought about where his stamps would travel or who would covet them all these years later. Now look at the happiness and love they're bringing to you and all of us. xoxo love you dearly, k

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    • Good evening, dear Boomdee! The boys are off to the movies and I’m playing catch up in blogland. It’s so nice to find you here.

      I too look at things a bit differently since meeting you. Perhaps that is our greatest gift to each other: the novelty of new experiences and sharing through different, but similar eyes. I don’t know if that makes sense, but what I mean is that I value your perspectives and learn about myself in the process.

      I had a few emotional moments as I went through my dad’s stamps. It was really hard getting started. Once I did though, I celebrated him, thought about his time placing each stamp in an album and remembered him soaking stamps, pulling them from a small bowl with a pair of tweezers and affixing the tiny cellophane sticker to the back. I smelled the paper, studied the stamps, imagined him through it all. It was an amazing experience.

      Thank you for your beautiful friendship.

      As for what to leave behind, I don’t think much about that. I’m not terribly sentimental about my things and worry, too, that anything tangible would feel like a burden to someone. Does that make sense? I would hope my boys would want the photo albums and scrapbooks I’ve put together over the years, but beyond that, I would let friends and family choose anything they wanted and then leave the rest to charity.

      Thanks for your thought-provoking comments. xoxooxox

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  7. Hi Alys
    I received my beautiful package today. Thank you so much.It was so creatively addressed that I didn’t want to open it to spoil the envelope. It was so thoughtful of you to include the lovely French bags with extra treats inside. I will treasure these stamps and use them for special projects.

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  8. Firstly, Alys, your dad surely sounds as if he must have been one extraordinary fellow. And how fortunate for you to have been part of that lineage. Clearly, his distinguished personality has rubbed off on you, as you seem to have the same eye for detail and curiosity compelling you forward through life. To have a father who spends the most critical moments of a child’s life, infusing them with a sense of awe and wonder, is rare and priceless. I bet you’re filled to the brim with not only stories of him during your childhood, but his incredibly fascinating life before you as well. I hope we may one day read about them.
    Secondly, you are truly a generous soul–and I can’t imagine you could make your dad any happier, knowing that you’ve shared a bit of him and his passions with others all around the world. A gift that is unmatchable.
    Cheers to your big heart, Alys. 🙂


    • My goodness, what lovely words. I’ve read them through twice. I’ve written quite a bit about my dad, but much of it sad and melancholy. I was only 9 when he died.

      This was a huge step forward for me this year to open up and let these stamps back out into the world. I know he would be happy because it’s the sort of thing he would have done.

      I learned my love of gardening from my dad, and my sensibilities are his as well. Those are connections I cherish.

      Thank you for your words.


  9. Hi guys , I wonder if I’m pushing myself into your conversation , but I live in Israel and help kids during summer to start a stamp collecting hobby and it really helps if you can support me with some stamps.
    Iif you can still afford it to give stamps away for free please contact me on my email :
    Mikhail Theodossiou


    • I’ve just sent you an email and yes, I would be happy to send some stamps. I still have some left. Please send me your address in reply to the email I sent you, or you can use my contact form, above.


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