When Technology Takes a Hike

Slinky lending moral support

Slinky lending moral support

Our resident tech support, aka, Mike, spent hours this weekend rebuilding my computer from the ground up.  It’s extraordinary my dependence on that technological gem known as a laptop.  Though grateful for Mike’s technological prowess, I’m also painfully aware of how little I know. The mechanics of operating systems, platforms, routers and all the other things that make computers go leave me cold. Don’t you hate it when technology takes a hike?

What I do know is that I want my computer to go and I feel like a spoiled child when it stops.  [insert stomping of feet, pouting face and colorful language here].

Okay, so it wasn’t that bad, but I can’t tell you how often I headed to the computer, only to encounter the latest system ‘updates.’  They’re not nearly as interesting as the updates I’m after: the blog and Facebook variety. I’ve got a social life to run here. I live with two teenage boys with zero interest in monopolizing my attention. So while they’re dipping into the latest and greatest on their mobile devices and dad is watching fall ball, I like to log on and catch up.

Instead I headed outdoors and pulled a few weeds. I did some pruning till it got too hot. I treated myself to an hour at our local craft store, shopping and chatting about the merits of water-based versus alcohol-based inks. I even read from the miniscule print on my phone, but these old eyes were never meant for teenage technology. Yes, I left some comments here and there, but it wasn’t long before my hand cramped and my battery failed. Then I was back to my panting dog impression: is it ready yet, is it ready yet, is it ready yet?

I started a craft project, but needed my Silhouette to cut some block letters. Nope…the computer wasn’t ready.

I went to address a few envelopes for my blog postage giveaway, only to realize I’d trapped the addresses  in email limbo. The individual email was too old to be on the server, but not new enough to be on my phone.  Addresses would have to wait for my Outlook rebuild.

At least I had Pauline’s address. I’d asked her for it twice. Alas, it still had not synced to my mobile phone. Tapping in the requisite letters, the phone turned up nothing. It was taunting me. I KNOW I have her address! Nope. Siri is never wrong.

Today, in need of a good Skype with my bestie, all technology-based bets were off. Sigh

These are all first-world problems. I know in my heart the extraordinary privileges of my life. But just for today, I’m reminded of the Judith Viorst classic: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

When’s the last time your technology took a hike?

24 thoughts on “When Technology Takes a Hike

  1. Oh no!! I knew you were off line and was hoping nothing catastrophic had occurred …….. I’m actually really pleased you were just throwing fits because your resident techie wasn’t working fast enough 🙂 [Commiserations Mike 🙂 ] Do you now have a fabulously speedy lap top that whizzes through the www? When my lap top started failing on me last year I threw all kinds of fits to no avail as there was no-one here to fix it. But being off line for two and three days at a time was MOST TRYING!! What would we do if the www went down worldwide? Doesn’t bear thinking about – we’d have to write our blog posts and send them out as letters 😀

    My flowers are just gorgeous – I wish you could share the scents. I was overwhelmed when they arrived, they were such a surprise! You are so amazingly kind and generous and such a sweet, dear friend! What a way to start my new life. Thank you xoxo

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    • It only felt catastrophic…;-)

      I’m mostly back in business, and no slight to Mike’s timely skills. It just takes time to rebuild everything, even in today’s speedy environment.

      Thank you for commiserating. It seems unanimous.

      I liked the thought of typing and mailing my blog post around the world, then waiting and hoping for a return reply. Ah…now I’m over it.

      I’m delighted to have surprised you on your momentous birthday with something beautiful and unexpected. They look beautiful in your arms, and you in turn with them. Congratulations on another turn around the sun.

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  2. Alys, I’m glad it’s all working now; it’s hard for those of us whose social life exists mainly on the ‘net, isn’t it? Or if not, at least the ‘net is handy and doesn’t notice what one is wearing . . .
    Have fun catching up now . . . ~ Linne


  3. I have 2 techies but neither is a resident. If it’s a program problem, my son logs on in California and runs my computer from there till it’s fixed. Usually something silly I overlooked. My daughter is not quite as quick as he is but can solve many problems with one visit and dinner. The last time I had a real problem with a laptop, I called my daughter and said “I’m buying lunch, lets go shopping.” I lifted a few and looked at the specs and told the clerk, “I’ll take it.” I would be absolutely crazy without one. The old one will hang around for backup but I’d hock my mother for one that works. Mom’s agreeing with me because she was the same way, bless her heart. She would go through upgrades like most people changed sheets. Her motto, like mine is make it go faster. That applies to cars too. She was flat scary. Now you know where I get it from. They will probably pry my laptop out of my cold dead fingers. Graphic enough? 🙂 I’m on a roll tonight. Oh, my!

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    • LOL! I love your honesty, Marlene. I’m glad you’ve got a lap top and a spare so I don’t have to worry about you.

      My youngest son is a Mac expert. His pat answer when I need help is for me to buy a Mac. Mike has one of each (a work Mac and a home PC) and moves between both effortlessly.

      I’m glad you have your own tech support.

      And yes, your graphics were loud and clear…and funny. 🙂


  4. It’s like the odd times we have had power blackouts ~ they make you realise how dependent you are on these devices. Banking, reading, catching up with friends, buying and selling, so much of our lives are online. How nice though, to be able to go and pull a few weeds!


    • Anne, it was good to pull a few weeds. They were stealth weeds, too, hiding among the flower bed where I couldn’t see them. They’re history now. I finally did some deadheading as well, finally convinced that all the seed heads were gone. I’ve enjoyed all the visiting birds to that little flower patch.

      Here’s to a nice long stretch of power, internet and continued fresh water.


  5. I’m lucky and live with a specialist! It hasn’t helped me learn much though as it’s quicker to ask and get it done in a jiffy… We had no internet connection for a whole mind-blowingly long 24 hours in the spring and I was amazed at how much I depend on my computer – recipes, telephone numbers, shopping lists, news, not to mention blogging! Glad you seem to be back online… hope all goes smoothly from now on Alys!


  6. Oh, every day lol. Even the super-duper computers at work need updating and we couldn’t get into the common room because a lock broke. So it’s not just modern technology that takes a hike. Is your computer okay now?


  7. We truly are so dependent on our computers! And the data that is safely, or not so safely stored, in them. It seems that each day, Morning Edition reports on some data breach or another. But truly it’s not lack of security but lack of daily access that we suffer when something goes wrong.
    Sometimes, I do worry about the time that I spend on the lap top versus with a book, or taking a walk, and part of that is due to the blog. What an incredibly wonderful, deeply satisfying time suck!
    But I had to chuckle at your “I’ve got a social life to run here”. I keep joking that between work, meetings, and my social life, I have no time to clean my house or get any reading done or take that photography course!
    Ah … life is truly hard … NOT!
    Glad you are back on track! and I also have to say … you are quite the woman. In so many ways of course, but those flowers you sent to Pauline were gorgeous and such a kind gesture. No wonder you and Boomdee are kindred sisters.

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    • ((( Laurie ))) you’re sweet to say that. Hey! I was just chatting up Julia (on line) about our pending spring visit and how it will be here sooner than we think…prepare to be hugged reeeeaaaallll tight 😀 xo


    • Laurie, I love Morning Edition. I’m a huge NPR fan in general. And I agree. Go ahead and steal my credit card, but please don’t block my access to Facebook and WordPress. LOL

      I share your worries. We’re of two worlds, those of us that didn’t grow up with technology. My boys will never live in a world where they may wonder, what ever happened to…or I wish I had one or two photos from my childhood. They’ve got digital records of conversations, photos, classmates…and on and on. Their challenge will be to turn it off, find some balance and hang on to some privacy.

      Thanks for your kind words, Laurie. It was a special birthday for dear Pauline, so I wanted to do something memorable. The photo of her with the flowers is a delight. I feel that we all shared in her joy.



  8. So, just bombing along and saw Slinky pop up and went, “Hey! What? I didn’t see this !” HA, you are on fire girl 😀 Your Slinky is a spitting double of Petals. Wait till you meet her. She’s a nut and sometimes howls annoyingly but then she sits and looks at you till you pet her. I always laugh cause she always wins a ‘Stare-off’ for who’ll blink first. She is relentless, LOL I’ve even told her during a howling fit, “oh man, lucky thing you’re cute cat”. Then she’ll hop up on the bed and be all snuggly, as if she wasn’t just having a howling fit. She’s a riddle wrapped in a conundrum, LOL.

    Lucky you, you don’t even have to charm the tech guy for quick service, you’re already sleeping with him, LOL. I sometimes feel like I’m catching on, then one day, when you least expect it, you’re proven wrong. Then the realization must be accepted that I am a little tech fish in a giant ocean. When my almost new Samsung S4 went black, I learned about how ‘most’ people apparently have their phones backed up on Google or iCloud….”oh really? That would have been nice to knew *before* you erased all my information” That’s the nasty part, you don’t know what you don’t know till you need to know it, you know? xoxox


    • Slinky and kitty Petals are like us, aren’t they? Two peas in a pod. I can’t wait to meet your darlings, to see your home and your town, maybe even meet some of your friends and your Aunty K. Of course shopping at Urban, crossing your bridge…so much to do. Oh and eating of course.

      Yep, it’s handy when you’re sleeping with the tech guy. 😉

      And yes…you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s also handy living with teenagers. I’ll be in big trouble when they leave for college.


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  9. Oh! Your Slinky is so handsome, Alys! What a gorgeous boy! You are so lucky to have a tech guru in your house. We all just cross our fingers here and hope nothing goes wrong. Ha! I feel your frustration when we are camping – if the connection is very slow – or non-existent – I get very antsy! Hope you are having a lovely day in beautiful SJ now your tech is back in operation. xoxoxoxox


    • Thank you, Dani. Though I know the original Slinky Malinki is a boy, our little puff ball is a she. She’s so tiny, too. She’s come a long way in the friendliness department, too.

      Yes…antsy is the perfect word. How did any of us ever survive dial up? All is in working order…for now. Don’t want to jinx myself. xoxooxox


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