Meeting Serendipitously

Serendipity!  It’s everywhere.

A few weeks back, while sitting on our deck, a woman called to me from the curb . She was looking at our Little Free Library and wanted to ask a few questions. As it turns out, she wants to build one of her own.

We chatted for a while and discovered all sorts of things in common: our love of books was an obvious one, but she also likes making cards and she enjoys miniatures. It was fun sharing my fairy garden.  She’s also a gardener, and the conversation turned to a lovely book called Epitaph for a Peach.

Honestly, we could have chatted all day.

A week or so later I came home to find her lovely note, a handmade card and a copy of the book, graciously on loan from her own library. My heart swelled.

handmade card

Handmade by Jaci

Epitaph for a Peach is

A lyrical, sensuous and thoroughly engrossing memoir of one critical year in the life of an organic peach farmer, Epitaph for a Peach is “a delightful narrative . . . with poetic flair and a sense of humor” (Library Journal).

When Jaci reads this she won’t mind that I shared the first line of her gracious note:

I very much enjoyed our serendipitous meeting recently…

because of course she doesn’t know that serendipity is my word of the year.  I’m still smiling.

Little Free Library

Though the novelty of the library subsided a few months back, I’m still delighted when people stop by. Books continue to flow in and out.

Two recent additions include Beverley Canon’s A Tale of Two Tails and a copy of Robert Munsch’ The Paper Bag Princess.

A Tale of Two Tails is a gift from the founder of Friends 4 Pets. Beverley takes in unwanted cats and shelters them till she can find them a good home. My sister Sharon fostered a few cats for her as well.

A Tale of Two Tails

A Tale of Two Tails

Munsch’s children’s book is the tale of a  princess with a feminist ending.  How could I resist?  It flew home with me from Victoria, making it extra special. Spoiler alert: the last line of the book is “They didn’t get married after all.”

The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess

The Long View

Thanks for commenting and voting in yesterdays’ poll on photos with the long view. If you missed the post and you’re interested, please let your voice be heard.

14 thoughts on “Meeting Serendipitously

  1. I love how the right people flow towards you Alys – it is wonderful! So nice that the LFL is still attracting donations and users and even more LFL’s! The photos of the books in amongst the flowers is a lovely touch too – your artistic soul shines through 🙂


    • Awww…what a lovely thing to say, Pauline. It is such a treat seeing people stop by, open the library, browse and hopeful take a book. I enjoy the fact that it has spread around the world. It confirms for me the universal love of reading.

      Thank you for calling me an artistic soul. You made my day! Mwaaaaaa

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jaci has a fun spelling to her name. How nice to meet another outgoing, book loving, scrapbooker and all while just sitting there and being your own lovely self 😀 She must have been really impressed by your artful library, the curving path leading to Sharon’s sign, all the your gorgeous flowers and then to top it off a fairy garden tour by yours truly. I’m surprised she managed to tear herself away. Serendipitous? Or a moth to a flame? Either way, it’s fun to meet new friends to share lives little joys with. You have such a giving spirit Alys and people are drawn to you for this and so many other reasons. This I always feel blessed to know first hand. xoxoxox K


    • That is a nice spelling, isn’t it? She was a school teacher for over thirty years and loves children’s books.

      And thank you for calling me “your lovely self.” You made me smile and blush at the same time.

      A moth to flame!!! LOL. You!

      Thank you for all your love and care. xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m trying to hard to catch up and keep up. Serendipity -do-dah! How much better does it get?!!! A chance to meet a kindred spirit. and new books to boot. Ain’t life grand?!! I want to read them too. There are so many good books, so little time to read. Oh, my! I’ll look on Amazon and see if they are there. Hugs, and more hugs.


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