Brown is the New Green

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” ~ John Muir
So ends this lovely post by Ogee at Gardens For Goldens. I’ve been meaning to write an update on California’s water woes. Ogee shares my sentiments on the water inequities in our state, while at the same time setting a good example in the memorial garden she tends. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, thank you for all the great advice on my squash bug dilemma. Stay tuned. Alys

Gardens For Goldens

This summer, it seems the weather forecast is always wrong. Friday was 110. This weekend was supposed to hover near the century mark. Instead, someone ordered up a breeze and clouds. Rainless clouds. But clouds, nevertheless. We have been surfing temperature waves all summer. Peaks and dips. They are taking their toll on the garden.


The USDA declared a drought disaster for California, now listed as being in “exceptional drought.” Fires are breaking out everywhere. The forecast calls for a warmer than normal September through November. While our friends in the east endure soggy – we sizzle. And pray for rain.

In my favorite public gardens, you will find casualties of city-imposed water cutbacks.


Brown is the new green.


In our Memorial Garden, we have reduced our water use by nearly half.


We’re fortunate to have established trees to provide more shade…for the plants – and the dogs!


The soil…

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3 thoughts on “Brown is the New Green

  1. Alys, Thanks for sharing this post … I just cannot imagine how challenging it must be to live in such awful draught. I KNOW about it, READ about it, WORRY about it, but have never LIVED it.
    I leave today on the bike and expect to be riding in rain for a few days (my post about that will come out tomorrow) but I am not complaining. Well … maybe just a little 🙂


    • Riding in the rain has its challenges, so you’ve every right to be concerned. Slippery roads, poor visibility and fewer chances to capture your wonderful photographs aren’t top of the list when vacationing. I know you’ll make the best of it though.

      I’m re-thinking everything in the garden, that is for sure. Indoors, ‘grey water’ has a second life. Unfinished cups of clear tea and water are used to water house plants. I’m careful to rinse dishes with a quick water blast. Melted ice goes into plants, too. A winter garden is out of the question this year. The grass is turning brown fro reduced watering. All that, and its not nearly enough. Anyway…enjoy your travels and your glorious rain.


  2. I do try and visit the garden frequently and enjoy the mix of gardens and dogs 😀 I’m really worried for you all and nature too. My gosh, what’s to become of it all without some moisture? Might they try to treat sea water? Remove the salt somehow? I thought I’d heard that at some point. You are working so hard to be a positive affect on a dire situation, I hope others are too. I’m shocked to see that Rice farmers are flooding their fields still. My gosh, it doesn’t make any sense at all during a drought. Some serious soul search might be needed by those who plant crops that are not good in the current climate I think. xoxK


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