The Color Purple

It’s everywhere. Purple that is.

Love in the mist

Love-in-the-Mist gathers morning dew

Growing up, my sister claimed purple as her favorite color. To this day it remains unchanged. I’ve always loved green, with blue and purple a close second.  In the garden, I like them all.

When our oldest son was old enough to express an opinion, he declared orange as his favorite. My husband loves blue and my good friend, Kristi, loves red, so he assumed only one person could have the same favorite color. He declared that his yet-to-be-born younger brother would favor yellow.

We watched closely as the little one developed his own taste, secretly hoping it might be yellow. That would be a fun story for the family archives.  Alas, the color blue won the day, though the story still makes me smile.

What’s your favorite color?

bachelor button

Bachelor Button

catnip flower


garden rainbow

Garden Rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet


22 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. More gorgeous photos! I do love blue flowers too! I think you may know I favour those shades on the colour wheel that encompass the blue-greens – aqua, teal, cerulean and pure blues and greens too. I know they are colours that are associated with the heart and the throat chakras [fourth and fifth] which are the seats of unconditional love and communication. Beautiful thought isn’t it 🙂

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  2. Love that rainbow of colours! I’m not sure I could say what my favourite colour is – maybe orange or red – at the moment my favourite flower in my garden is an orange cone flower called “Orange Passion”! 🙂


  3. Well now, I thought you’d never ask…LOL. Just incase some of you fab visitors in the garden have never heard, “Boomdee loves AQAU, Seafoam and pink sometimes”
    That’s a cute story about favourites. I used to actually love yellow a lot until I found it looked horrible as far as fashion-wear on me. I do like to have little hints of it, here and there, in a garden. I think it makes everything else ‘POP’. It’s almost like a little resting spot for your eyes as you look around the garden. When your eyes move past it, the next thing really jumps out at you. (if that makes any sense) The peaches are such a gorgeous colour. I thought I’d share this song with you, about tangerines. It’s called ‘Stars’ by ‘The Weepies’….do you know them? I adore their music xo ❤ The song is about life, sung in the analogy of ripening fruit.

    some lyrics
    "Tangerines are hanging heavy, glowing merry golden hues, teasing a half pale moon and I
    feel the pull to the blue velvet dark and stars…..stars……stars.
    Pink magnolia bushing and coy, favours the sun, will she shine? You've got yours and I've got mine. Together we glide thru the blue velvet dark and stars…..stars…..stars.

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    • I think I remember hearing something about your fondness for aqua and teal…pink too! Like you, I once fell in love with yellow. I wanted a yellow kitchen and a yellow VW bug. I did have a yellow gingham bedspread for awhile in high school and loved it. Even my Panasonic radio was yellow. Alas, you and I have the same blue undertones in our skin. We look better in the green, blue purple range, unlike our yellow undertoned friends who look terrific in yellow, orange and red. I’m at peace with that.

      It’s past midnight here, so I will save your thoughtful link for the ‘morrow. Thanks, sweet Boomdee.



  4. YELLOW! Such a happy color, and as a kid I was so wholly taken with it, I painted my bedroom with the brightest shade I could find. My friends would complain of headaches first thing in the morning after sleepovers, but of course, that could have been attributed to the massive overdose of sugar and salt the night before.

    Your garden photography continues to inspire, Alys. You have such a keen eye, and my hands applaud your efforts. 🙂


    • Yellow is a happy color! I made myself a yellow corduroy pant suit in high school, and held my head extra high when I wore it, carrying my matching yellow Panasonic radio. Heads turned, let me tell you, but I prefer not to think too much about what they might have said afterwords.

      I’m sure you’re right about the sugar-induced headaches. Make sense to me.

      Thanks for your applause. My flowers thank you, too.


  5. Well, you know how much I love that last photo … and the first one, with the droplets is wonderful, too!
    Green has always been my favorite color but bright, beautiful yellow is rapidly becoming front line.


    • Thank you LB, for your comments on the photo here and on Facebook. Yellow seems to be a popular color on this thread. I’m intrigued that your color preference is morphing from green to yellow. Nice!


  6. Hi Alys. I have been trying to catch up on reading all your blogs – but it would seem I got a little lost and have been reading ALL your blogs! I wanted to go back as far as I could remember reading and found myself way back in the past. I have enjoyed it very much, however I wanted to know what you are doing now and so I have decided to catch up by working my way backwards! It may seem a little weird watching your garden regress back into spring – but it would appear I can’t read in a straight line!
    I noticed today in a corner of my craft room a dusty vase of love-in-the-mist seed pods. They still look really lovely – I am definitely going to have to grow some this year, yours look so pretty.
    Cheers Sarah : o )


    • Sarah, how wonderful to see all your likes and comments in my feed. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and to comment. That meant the world to me.

      I’m tickled to hear that you have love in the mist seed pods. It will be nice to spot those in your garden next spring and summer. I should snip some seed pods now, too. I’ve been leaving them for the birds, but they won’t mind if I grab a few. Great idea.


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