Gardening with Baking Soda

Betsy recently shared the following tips for tackling garden problems with good ‘ole baking soda. I’m definitely tucking a few of these away for future use.

What's Green with Betsy?!?

Cheap, effective and OG (the original “green”), baking soda bakes, cleans, heals, disinfects, scrubs, deodorizes, exfoliates, and brightens just about everything in the home.  But did you know baking soda works in the garden too?

I recently came across the following fabulous tips from

1. Make a Non-Toxic Fungicide

Mix 4 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 gallon of water. Use on roses for black spot fungus and also on grapes and vines when fruit first begins to appear.

2. Spray to Treat and Prevent Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is causing major problems with impatiens this year, but also can be a problem for other plants, like lilacs, cucumbers, squash and zinnias.

Spray Recipe: 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 gallon of water, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid

Mix all the ingredients together and spray plants weekly. Apply on overcast days to prevent…

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13 thoughts on “Gardening with Baking Soda

  1. I’ve seen a few green weed killer recipes on Pinterest and will also keep this one in mind. The new house has a three tier patio of paving stones. I’m hoping it’s weed free but they do pop up sometimes. I always have a box in the deep freeze section of the fridge too. Takes the nasty plastic taste out of ice cubes. I get to play in the yard too this summer! SO looking forward to poking around in my little tiny yard. xk


    • We also keep baking soda in the fridge and freezer. I sprinkle it in the cat boxes too. I know that white vinegar is good for killing weeds in the cracks of sidewalks. In fact, vinegar is another natural product with a hundred different uses.

      I’m so happy you have a patio and garden to call your own again. With Petals and Blossum be able to venture out?



      • 😀 Wait till you see the size of the grassy area! Teensie is an adjective right? Well, it’ll be a nice change from our last home and that was part of our plan for sure. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a little space here and there and most likely pots will play a big roll.

        I don’t think Petals and Blossum will be able to join us this year outside. Mr B doesn’t want to introduce it at all. He’s afraid they’ll always be at the door wanting out and he saw what losing Paco did to me. It’d be greet if we could build a screened in area on the deck. This summer, I think we’ll just enjoy having a home for this summer without too many projects planned. It might be winter again before we’re fully unpacked.xoxo I’m so glad I’ll be able to host you now and there’s a whole lot of nice things we can walk to in the Valley.


        • Teensie is one of my favorite words. It doesn’t apply to me, but I like applying it elsewhere. 😉

          I hope you’re taking lots of ‘before’ or ‘starter’ photos for all the future blogs you’ll write as you beautify and personalize your new home. I can’t wait to see it, to read about it and to visit you there.

          I’ll be you have lots of pots in your storage locker. They’ll be happy to see the sun again. I’m sure they’ve missed you.

          Yes, good plan keeping the kitties indoors. I’m so sorry you lost your sweet Paco. So painful.

          Will you be setting up a wine bar on the patio in early June? 🙂


          • Actually, there aren’t any pots in our storage locker. I left three big patio pots at the old house because they were still planted and blooming when we moved. I thought it a nice gesture but they probably died immediately, LOL. I also thought it’d be a good opportunity to start over with new pots and a new colour scheme.
            Thank you (( Alys )) for your kindness for Paco. He really was a dear soul. Very loving.
            Now, a wine bar, that might be an idea I can embrace, Only one tool required, LOL
            We may have to wait till then for any planting actually. This morning, at the airport -9C. We are so below normal, unbelievable. I was out to the market yesterday and any plants they dare to have out were all covered with bedding sheets. Was looking colourful but in a bad way. I should have snapped a picture. It’s an endurance test with a big ol’ helping of patience on the side 😀 xoK


            • It was a nice gesture. I’m sorry to hear they were not gardening fans. It seems like a given if you plan to live near a lake, but I guess not.

              So…a new color scheme, eh? What fun you’ll have shopping for new pots. This is the perfect time, too. I guess you’ll need to measure first so you have a sense of the space. Oh, you’ll have so much fun!

              Only one tool required…you are so funny.

              I can’t believe the crazy year of weather you’ve had. How disappointing. Our year has been crazy too, but in the opposite direction.

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  2. I did not know that about putting it on roses. I’m catching up eventually. Thanks for all that wonderful information. I use a lot of baking soda for household cleaning and buy it in huge boxes. But for ingesting, I’ve gone aluminum free. I take baking soda in a juice glass of water whenever something upsets my stomach. It works fast and every time. Bob’s Red Mill puts out aluminum free Baking Soda.


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